I've noticed an increasing trend in average rider price this year with little to no increase in budget.  Especially evident in this year's Tour, the number of riders priced at or above 30 points is absurd.  Of course, with the rules applying equally to everyone, this doesn't give anyone any sort of advantage.  High pricing serves to hinder players' abilities to pick riders for their teams who will be in contention for jerseys, stage wins or intermediate points.  This makes the game slightly less engaging.

I hope those in a position to change pricing will hear this concerns and make a change.




Avid road.cc fantasy player, Oren Mizrahi


Condor Andy [810 posts] 1 year ago
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I hear you. We can't make any changes for this competition, but the reason this Tour is a bit different is because so many of the world's best riders are here. Sprinters and GC. So the fun then is in picking a couple of favourites and seeing where else to spend your budget.

Just wait, in a weeks time or so, you'll find a lot of middle priced riders having a great race.

tony kappler [211 posts] 1 year ago
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Hi Oren,

When I first started playing road.cc, the budget was even tighter. You ended up with 2 or 3 $3.0 riders from pro continental teams with a vain hope they might pick up some breakaway points.

In my opinion the $180 budget is quite generous, you can fit in the top 6 sprinters or top 5 GC men easily.

Part of the beautiful complexity of road.cc is searching for bargins  in the cheap riders; it is something I put a lot of time into. Having said that, I haven't found any "pearls" in this year's TdF under $8.0.