Hi all,

I'm planning on riding from Berlin to London in a couple of weeks time but I'm having some route planning issues, mostly as there is no Google street view in Germany.

I'm trying to work out which roads are busy/main roads and avaoid them accordingly but I can't find a huge amount of info - if anyone has experience of riding in Germany I would like to know the following:

- Are Bundesstraßen (B Roads) too busy and fast to ride on comfortably?

- Are there cycle lanes on many of the Bundesstraßen?

- Are L and S roads significantly more comfortable and worth the extra mileage/more circuitous routing?

- Any useful online resources for cycling in Germany/Netherlands?

Any advice gratefully received, especially from anyone who has ridden this route before.




kil0ran [1075 posts] 3 months ago
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Might be worth looking at the Komoot app - that offers crowd-sourced routes optimised for different cycling styles. 

cdamian [220 posts] 3 months ago
kil0ran wrote:

Might be worth looking at the Komoot app - that offers crowd-sourced routes optimised for different cycling styles. 

Planning routes with Strava is also pretty good.
Instead of streetview you can also try Google Earth, which is sometimes nearly as good.

I think B roads can be ok, they differ quite a bit.

German drivers are generally not the most friendly to cyclists, though the UK night be worse.

fenix [1059 posts] 3 months ago

Strava heatmap would help too.

bamboo [18 posts] 3 months ago
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It might be worth looking at the European long distance cycle network. If you look for Euroroute R1 (or Europaradweg 1) that will get you from Berlin to the coast.

cqexbesd [109 posts] 3 months ago
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* B roads (Bundesstraße) are the equivalent of UK A roads more or less - looked after by central government. Some of them do have bike paths, esp near towns, and some of those paths are lovely - offset from the road with trees between. Not all though. Riding on them is like riding on UK roads (though with a slightly higher standard of driving) - it varies from nice to terrifying.

* L roads (Landesstraßen) (aka S roads in some Lands)  are probably the equivalent of UK B roads. They are looked after by the lands/states/counties. Like UK B roads some of them can be pretty busy - but some are lovely and quiet.

* K roads (Kreisstraßen) are C roads and aren't always paved (but often are) - looked after by the district councils (I think thats the UK equivalent).

NB A roads are Autobahns (motorways). You are not allowed to cycle on them.


I would suggest taking a look for the German national cycle routes. In my experience they are built to a very high standard, consisting of quiet roads, on road bike paths, off road bike paths and canal paths. You can definitley traverse them on a tourer. Open Street Map shows these in red if you switch on the cycle layer. Where there isn't a national route in the right place many of the regional cycle routes are pretty good as well - though it probably depends on where you are.

More German roads have bike paths than the equivalent in the UK. OSM should show which.


I haven't done London to Berlin before but I have done London to Paris, Berlin to Copenhagen, Berlin to Warsaw, Berlin to Leipzig et al. I currently live in Berlin so let me know if I can be of any more help.