I am 5'4" (163cm) with a 28.5 inch (73) cm in-seam with long femur in relationship to the lower limb . I am planning to get a Argon 18 Krypton but are unsure where to get a XXS or XS. Would like to get some advise from the seasoned riders here.

Basically, here are the geometry of the 2 sizes


  • TT = 50cm
  • ST = 43cm
  • HT = 9-11.4cm


  • TT = 52cm
  • ST = 46.5cm
  • HT = 10-12.4cm

I did have the opportunity to sit on the XXS and the standover height seems spot on. However, when I am on the drop. The hub is way in front of the bar, when I am on the hood it is less servere but still noticable, staff from the LBS swapped out the 80mm stem and put in a 100mm stem. It cure the problem to an extended. However, I hub is still slightly infront of the bar but not by a whole lot.

This is what it looks like when I am on the XXS with 80mm stem, before fitting.



Just want to hear your opinion in know whether this is right size or whether I should go up to XS.





PS - first time poster. Let me know if you can't see the link


SpikeBike [135 posts] 7 months ago

I am no bike fitter but I would not get too hung up on hub in front/behind bar. You bend your elbows a tad and it will be in front. You striaghten them and it will be behind/inline. Wheelbase differs between bikes. Removing some spacers under the stem alters hub sight line as does moving the saddle back a little


If you get the chance try the size again with the 100mm stem and full gear on and take it out and see how it handles and feels.