Seems like I have an excuse (friend's birthday) to ride the Dunwich Dynamo this year.  Something of a 'bucket list' ride so I'm going to do it; because otherwise I probably wouldn't get round to it!

Not living in London (Bristol/Bath) I always find logistics the biggest headache with these sorts of things as when I've finished I don't want to go back to central London; rather straight home.  Did London to Brighton a few years back and pre-positioned transport in Brighton by driving down there on the Saturday and getting a train into London.  Bit of a hassle, but was good to be able to finish the ride and then head home directly and I'm slightly scepticle of avoiding bike damage by using the coach/lorry option back to London with the masses.

Any ideas on heading straight to Dunwich on the Saturday and then going back into London for the start on the train + bike; achievable? sensible route? parking in Dunwich area?  Probably a good idea to stay 24hrs in Dunwich to avoid driving back knackered (camping?).

....or recruit a support driver!


Stratman [129 posts] 6 months ago
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I’ve camped on the Cliffs site with a camper van, and I’m looking forward to going back.  Couple of miles (if that) from the Ship.  I don’t know about getting into London from there though.  Minsmere is close, and worth a look if you like birds: first time I’d heard or seen a bittern.

crazy-legs [1016 posts] 6 months ago
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I've done DD about 12 times.

In recent years, parking in/around Dunwich has been at a premium and the locals (understandably) are getting a bit pissed off with it. Do NOT try and park down by the beach - by the time you're driving back up that road you'll be faced with hundreds of knackered cyclists riding down the hill, dozens of drivers trying to go up / down and it actually gets a bit dangerous.

The nearest station is Darsham which operates a service to Ipswich where you can change for London. One year a mate parked her car at Darsham, got the train to London (minus bike, she left that in town) and then after finishing the ride we ate at the cafe, slept on the beach for a bit then rode the 4 miles or so from Dunwich to Darsham, got in her car and drove home. Saxmundham is the next station along the line, about 6 miles further south so that's a parking option too.

I would pick some sort of station, pub car park, leisure centre etc within about a 10-mile radius of Dunwich, park there (you may have to ask nicely/offer a donation if it's a pub) and then get down to London (perhaps cycle to Ipswich and get the train down on Saturday afternoon). Be aware that Ipswich now has severe restrictions on cycle carriage on that weekend. It was fine when it was a few hundred people but now it's 2000+ and the trains simply can't cope so they operate a strict booking policy and you can ONLY get the train you're booked on - if you're early you have to wait for it, if you're late you're screwed!

That policy operates on Saturday as well to cater for the large numbers of people doing exactly what I've just described!

The most ambitious ride that we did was to do the DD then ride to Cambridge afterwards (only another 80 miles...). Trains from there were exempt from any restrictions. Long weekend of pedalling though!


nllsam [9 posts] 6 months ago
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Due to the size of DD options are severely limited so without getting too silly here is my ideas.

 Drive to Dunwich or nearby and book or rather have pre-booked your  accommodation, but you will need to agree/organise with your host access as you will be wanting access at an odd time.  If you can agree that things will be straightforward. Having got to Dunwich then get a train to London.  Do be aware of how tired you might/will be as driving when tired is dangerous.  Recruit your wife/significant other as driver to be on the safe side.

Pretty much anything else will involve too many silly things.


Enjoy the ride.

cjwebb [51 posts] 6 months ago
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I'm thinking of driving to near Dunwich (~5 miles away) and then cycling the ~30 miles to Ipswich on Saturday afternoon and catch a train to London.

Are there any issues with bikes on those trains at that time? (on day before the DD)

Deeferdonk [211 posts] 6 months ago
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cjwebb wrote:

I'm thinking of driving to near Dunwich (~5 miles away) and then cycling the ~30 miles to Ipswich on Saturday afternoon and catch a train to London. Are there any issues with bikes on those trains at that time? (on day before the DD)

You will need to book a place on the train for your bike. Demand may be high as its also the weekend of Ride London etc so probably worth getting a reservation as soon as you are able.

Alternatively Dunx Cycles organise transport to London and looks like they pick up from Darsham (near Dunwich) so would save you the 30 mile cycle


kangaroocourt [7 posts] 6 months ago
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Cycle back is my advice.  Get a few hours kip at the beach (watch out for sandflies) and you should be good.