Looking at buying a used Fuji track pro on Sunday.
At home I have spare dropbars and road style lever brakes hence I can grasp the hoods if I buy the bike and install 2 brakes.
My thoughts are to take a brake with me to see if spacing allows use of.
Front looks easy. Has some sort of hole filled in on forks. Should be able to redrill.
Rear looks near as easy. Drill stay brace. Will I need to strengthen the brace? Will it want to fold at the hole during application of brakes? I guess I could build an elongated washer to spread load across entire brace and part stays?
I have read others have modified track bikes. Anyone around please? Any failures?
Surely 2 normal washers will spread the load enough to prevent damage from occurring.


Welsh boy [537 posts] 5 months ago

Do not drill the rear bridge, if the fork can take a brake that is legal (and sufficient) for road use if you have a locking ring fitted to the rear sprocket. Put the front brake on the left so if you are going down hill using the brake and need to turn right across traffic you can still signal, you won't be able to do that if your brake is on the right.

janusz0 [105 posts] 5 months ago
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@Welsh boy:

> Put the front brake on the left

That advice is best if it's his only drop bar bike.  If he has other drop bar bikes with two brakes, it will be confusing.  He will be used to the scenario where using the left hand brake is a poor option when going down hill.

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago

Figured it out.
Will take a set of smiley face washers as seen in traditional mounts. If tube envelopes snugly then I know that I can clamp a dragon during free wheel.
Guessing they don't drill at factory being a brakeless model.

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago

Even easier. Flat surface to drill into with modern recessed type.
I couldn't find this info anywhere on internet.
Heaps happier now. Just needing to pilot drill a hole then open her up.