Started commuting again, seems worth it as I get exercise and I have lost the just shy of $50 a week to run a car as my commuter.
Was going on and on with grandma and discovered that a bright couple that she befriends had bought a new car. The male had an accident and drove into a bike shop destroying $100 000 worth of tour bicycles. Anyway that's insurance thankfulness and sort of funny comparing whether cycling is cheaper because that seems a lot.  1 I thought it was funny and appreciate the old ladies friends sense with humour.
Santos tour down under has been and gone now. Those dudes are amazing fast.
Loving commuting.


alansmurphy [1832 posts] 5 months ago

Just how many magnetic letters did you throw at the fridge door?


brooksby [3301 posts] 5 months ago
alansmurphy wrote:

Just how many magnetic letters did you throw at the fridge door?

I think that they just maybe need to cut back on how many espressos they drink in quick succession.

@Boatsie - please can you edit your post so it doesn't read like something from Finnegans Wake, thanks 

fenix [1002 posts] 5 months ago

100k bikes could be ten top end bikes or 20 lower end. 

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago
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Still think it's funny.
10+ years ago I bought an ex-racer/trainer from a shop bike mechanic. Cost $150. Commute near 80 km daily. Much cheaper than petrol..
Then a newie at $200 +$80 for its tyre.
Last 2 bikes are up in quality again at used prices $300 +$50 tyres and lately $130 with 2 new tyres. Although I doubled each of the latest 2 bikes using components that I find comfortable. ..

I find commuting cheaper and rewarding although my bikes are nowhere near $5k, $10k, etc.
Even if I break even.. Eg car running costs?rego, insurance, fuel, oil.. Adds up better than me.
$500 heaps to cover 1 year on bicycle at 200km a week! Heaps! Once riding after initial cost of ride and safety equipment the cost is often near nothing each week. Seriously, a % of some lube and most usually no punctures.
Besides that, I'm a fan of how shimano use the tubes because cycling is excellent at whatever pace and Tiagra is better than a food of similar name.

Expresso. Lol. I like Coles express Chai latte. (And water).

Loving cycling, 40℃ days suck, loving chatting with you guys during distance coverage, see you out there.

PS. My car's a ship box that sips fuel, heaps worth the sweat and costs even more to run a car with the majority of our car driving population.

I know a lot of you guys spend lots on quality. Just writing, as a commuter, there are a lot of decent used bikes out there, up to the task and reliable.
Derailuar, easy enough, clean it, quick tyre repair.
Fixed or hub, longer to change a flat yet clean what? Lol.

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago

It's just a story.
March 1974 tiger Qin had tomb breach,  Bruce Lee had passed 9 months earlier and I was born a freak;  yellow skin,  both eyes vertical stigmatized and a useful limb bearing many spikes like a big cat.  English translation is near impossible regarding a very simple language.
I love thinking about 20inch rims,  I think I was wrong many times because if we were towards extreme such as rolling a 1km diameter rim,  surely balance would contribute far more than wheel inertia.  Lol.
Anyway,  end of year approaching and I cannot express my gratitude towards cyclists,  kayakers,  skateboarders and even canoe paddlers enough.  Yes,  we pollute our earth yet we pollute much less than internal combustion machines.  So,  here,  here to the steam engine that utilizes an energy efficient heater.
I love riding my lower end bikes because they all roll smooth fulcrums despite dirt and crap on rarely washed frames. Next years plan is to find me a fixie.  I hope near 60cm big frame,  I'm researching.
I thought this year was weird.  Don't worry regarding recycling composite,  I believe being higher end;  they aren't treated as rubbish as fast and technology is improving our heat pots. I hope I'm not too wrong.
Anyway,  I am having the weirdest time buying a kayak.  I paid full rather than deposit 7 months ago with a 6-8 week expected turn around.  The builder then had medical issues and was hospitalized.  Wasn't a problem because my best mates brain exploded(anorism)  and Mozs memory failed so I didn't have kayaking time anyway.
I then flew (prearranged)  to Wales to visit Holyhead and on the way I holidayed in Ukraine.  That was so awesome . After arriving in Odessa,  a hot as chick grabbed my hand and tugged me.  She didn't speak much English.  'You take me shopping we have sex,  yes? '
Smiling away I told her nicely that I take her shopping but no sex because I have a girlfriend.  Deal down and done.  We shopped,  she tried to rip me so I laughed and gave her about $100usd.  She climbed onto my shoulders,  sitting up there while we danced though the streets.  When near a boot store,  she climbed down and I told her to feel my face(Google translate on spare phone S5).
I told her I was a cyborg because she could feel the armour.  2 minutes later in the boot shop she asked me to buy her $370usd boots.  I said no and the store blacked out.  We left during darkness.  Half hour later at the restaurant she ran away with my spare phone.
The next day,  I caught the hand of a gypsy girl picking my pocket.  A security guard had seen me straighten upon her and asked what happened.  I said thief,  he replied gypsy.
That night a gang of punk rockers invited me into the catacombs.  They were awesome,  we became drunk and I was learning to appreciate 50 cents a litre is near the supermarket purchase of local beer.
The next day,  the gypsy girls friend tried to apologize,  I don't know what happened to her,  she simply disappeared.
2 more days later the hooker was back,  she told me she didn't steal my phone.  I told her it doesn't run by itself.  I had gifted her phone to someone else(I had her spare phone).  She had been bashed by bad men and hospitalized for 4 days.  We when shopping,  I watched her try clothes on and then when she wanted me to pay I explained my money was in the hotel,  let's go.  On the way to the hotel I managed to disappear into the shadows,  I had asked my girlfriend whether I could spend some earnings on the hooker but she said no.
Unbelievable aye.
Gets better.
Arrived at my uncles home;  Wales.  Had throat infection and the ships bearing red/green front.  Lol.  The morning we left to holyhead I received an email.  Boat destroyed by forklift,  insurance covered costs,  building another.  Ballistic grade Kevlar boat,  strong as,  we have a baby dragon growing near us.
near Snowdonia,  flash flooding hit,  old mates annoyed because we had 1.7 mile remaining yet road was cross current.  No problem.  Hire vehicle was 4wd. 
Soo..  Gets worse.  10 days later boat delayed again,  factory in Australia had flooded 5 days straight.
Waiting.. Waiting. Then week before last I scored an email, be ready after weekend. After weekend I received an email with photos, builders nose was broken during touch footy. Can't breathe well yet.
I admire him, he is 1 brave man.
I admire most of you although I am ignorantly comprehensive of what you do.
I'm just looking forward to next year. New years 16-02-2018. If planned well I shall not require a car and canoe club fees include waterside boat storage.
Our planet is with trouble and we all know such.
I wish you all a happy new year.
Ohh, before I forget.. I just woke up from sleep with a painful toe as my toenail caught.. My grandparents are a beautiful person. Granddad was from Irish stock; he became an RSM of the British army; movement of army camps across 4 continents.
Grandma was pretty awesome too. When she fell ill I booked a flight to visit yet I guess excitement became much and I visited her funeral. Her simple technique taught me the feel to break neck with 1 foot.
2 weeks ago, granddad past away during the super size blood moon, he was a brilliant man whom much liked building steam engines.
I love counting!!! Just be aware, please, pollution effects our mummies too. Greed sucks, we have neighborhood galactic, humans aren't the most feared, we lost a lot of our defence such that stupid could look and probe not knowing balance to feel a third way of life and I really like small amounts of pollutants such as tyre wear and chain wax. Eg cycling.
I wish you a happy new year; a king of many different people.

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago
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I just woke up, realized something.
Granddad was from Irish stock, he passed away years ago yet was a British RSM spanning army camps across 4 continents.
Grandma fell ill some time later, I booked a flight yet she passed prior to my arrival of her funeral. She knew some pretty awesome simple technique dancing.
We just had a supersize blood moon, during such rare event, grandpa passed away. He loved building steam engines.
Peace be with you.
I wish you a happy new year.

My 2 cents (means use common sense cos me tapping out of next read), mummies from race beyond reach of our ozone hence protected from pollution that future might bring. Yet we fucked up goodNproper exposing him to filth. Now our planet an easy target because that old shit don't work anyway because our supposed best would know if such energy systems really were capable of a lot more than my English dialogue allows.
GoodNproper fuck up yet I do wish you decent people that are learning and living a very happy new year. I'm normal too

ktache [825 posts] 5 months ago


Jez Ash [240 posts] 5 months ago

Press the centre suggestion on autocomplete ad nauseum?

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago
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? Huh. Just happy because bicycle riding is worth lots.
Ever come down the mountain to go to work? Adelaide is such a small city yet what many in the city perceive to be a clear day can be easily seen as a smog blanket during descent.
Thank you to the many bike makers. Almost as much fun as gathering freewheel ball bearings. Lol

Crampy [117 posts] 5 months ago
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Ok. So you have 20 inch wheels, gypsies, hookers and ball bearings covered. Good job. Very eclectic.

Do you happen to work for the Brool Story Co?

Tommytrucker [91 posts] 5 months ago
Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago
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I also met some musicians.  I'd hang out,  listen a day,  throw 5 quid and all happy. Then 1 of the days,  my friend said to me why would a rich tourist want to hang out with a tramp!
I explain,  no responsibility and besides that his smelly single costume musician was not a tramp because he reaked of education with 6 languages.  He told me then that he was an out of work nuclear engineer.  Lol.
That night I dropped about 150 quid plus a hundred American into a share kitty.  Cold weather saw many 'tramp' purchase warm winter clothes.  Anyway,  besides being surrounded by a Veyron,  a Ferrari and at least 50 Porsche's,  some don't get much.
You know what my friend did?  Nice jacket, boots and a job now looking much better.
Pretty happy to cycle because that all I need!

Tea time. Lol. Happy new year

I have 1 question!
This with brakes or something similar to a justrideit newy?
Please view this ad:

Fuji Track Pro - Velodrome Track Racing Bicycle Fixie,
http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/unley-area/men-s-bicycles/fuji-track-pro-.... android.apps.docs & utm_medium = social & utm_campaign = socialbuttonsVIP & utm_content = app_android

Price: $ 750

Download the application from the Google Play Store.


I would like to feel wind!
Ain't rich, ain't greedy.

hawkinspeter [2006 posts] 5 months ago

Inspired by Pan's review of WSB's Interzone in the June issue, I decided to write a piece on the Cut-up technique of writing utilized and pioneered by Burroughs and his associate Brion Gysin.

For the uninitiated, the Cut-up technique was inspired by the collage technique used by artists and photographers. Often the greatest photographs and artwork happen by accident. An unexpected pedestrian walks into your shot, or an odd glob of paint scars your painting, and rather than tragedy you have something unexpected and spontaneous. Take this concept one step further and the artist can juxtapose various visual fragments with great and unexpected results. Gysin and Burroughs wanted to introduce the spontaneity and chance of the collage to the written word, and so they developed and utilized the Cut-up technique.

The technique is simple. Take any page of writing. Take a scissors and cut it into four parts; cut straight across, down the middle, on angles, whatever. Now reassemble the parts at random. You now have a different text. Meaning, time lines and narratives are changed. The result may be quite similar to the original or shockingly different. The more cuts you make and the more sources you use, the more fun you'll have. The beauty of the Cut-up method is anyone can do it, and should do it; anyone can now be a great writer, if only by chance. Unfortunately this technique works better with paper than computer text, because you cannot easily (if at all) make vertical cuts on an electronic page. One method you could use would be to capture your screen as an image, and then use image editing software to cut it up, and OCR software to return it to text form.

Here's some ideas for you:

Experiment #1:

a. Go to Police headquarters and grab up some scary pamphlets on drug abuse, deer ticks, cyber crime, domestic violence. Read them for kicks and then get some scissors and cut them into chunks.

b. Go to your poetry notebook, or that file where you keep the first chapters to the half dozen or so short stories you plan on finishing one day. Get a scissors. Cut them up. Or, photo-copy them, and cut up the copies.

c. Arrange the chunks at random, but not consciously at random. Many times in our conscious effort to be random or spontaneous, we achieve the opposite effect.

d. Now read the results. Prepare to laugh, or at the very least impress yourself.

Experiment #2:

a. Collect an assortment of text sources: your writing, your diary, a few web pages printed out at random, a newspaper, a famous book, some pamphlets from the rack in the lobby of the supermarket, anything!

b. Next time you have a campfire place them at the edge of the fire so they become partially consumed.

c. Sift through the ashes, find the remaining fragments, and you have your story. Granted, this technique is a little extreme and you may end up with nothing but ash, however, imagine the results otherwise.

Music was the final form of art to embrace the power of the collage. David Bowie, inspired by Burroughs and Gysin, used the Cut-up technique to form the lyrics to his songs. Later artists like Gary "Cars" Newman, Throbbing Gristle and even U2's Bono confess to using the Cut-up technique. If it were not for Throbbing Gristle's adaptation of Burroughs techniques and philosophies to music, there would be, without question, no Industrial genre today. Obviously sampling is being used to quite the same effect: creating something new from multiple sources. Sonic terrorists like Negativeland take snippets of found sound, TV broadcasts, and music of many genres and weave the pieces together to a wonderful, insightful and often hilarious effect.

Burroughs states correctly that all writing is in fact Cut-ups. As a writer, in particular a fiction writer, your inspirations come from many sources: a description of a woman's face comes from the cashier at the post office, a character's name taken from your friend's cat, a line taken from an issue of Legends and a plot twist from Shakespeare. All your experiences, whether first hand or taken vicariously through a book or a friend's story, add up to form the text of your next tale. If you want to read more about Cut-ups, William S. Burroughs, Brion Gysin and Throbbing Gristle, pick up the book RE/Search #4/5.

peted76 [1105 posts] 5 months ago

This thread has a good chance of giving me nightmares.

dave atkinson [6384 posts] 5 months ago

Your inspirational poster for the morning

Jack Sexty [88 posts] 5 months ago

Here's my best effort... 

Jack Sexty [88 posts] 5 months ago

Boatsie > Banksy 

StraelGuy [1444 posts] 5 months ago
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There's definitely an air of 'Hunter S. Thompson on a drug fuelled road trip' about the whole thread .

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago
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I'm just scared. Collage I felt weird when my new friend, his friend, a German Shepard and I were walking along at night and he mentioned that this neighborhood was not so good. I can't remember if I told him I had been out walking at 2am and wasn't sure about walking past about 8 grown men under a bridge yet did so although it worsened as the street light had lost power before within arms reach zone.
We have a beautiful planet, lots of us were taught to either study or work as personal choice. Between times, unpaid work such as walking the river collecting garbage could be described as entertainment because resonsipility none.
Collage looks fun.
I'm just scared. We were explained that 2 babie families would slowly reduce population, water is needed!
I don't like drug. There is a benefit to accidental pain but it hurts like hell yet it heals like heaven. Conscious absentee during accident seems to be perquisite.
I had a bitch jump onto bitumen at 55kmph with a 6 foot drop. Vet wouldn't do a thing at night besides say she had a broken pelvis, hip plus leg. Balloon was twice width of her body. I stripped off, held her STILL and lay the night. Within 28 hours she ran out the door and jumped into my truck, seat high 2 metres.
I hope we win! I'm out, trippy truth aye.
I lost today, drove car.
Cheap tyre going ok but cheap tube sucks inside out and wants air each 2 days.
Thanks with the posters.

Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago


Crampy [117 posts] 5 months ago

I like collage too.

Decoupage pads and glue, son!

Now lets discus bikes?

brooksby [3301 posts] 5 months ago

Hang on: I've just tried to read Boatsie's posts again.  Boatsie: are you writing in a different language and then using Google Translate to render it into English, but without translating it back again to see if it actually makes sense?  Because it really doesn't...

ConcordeCX [816 posts] 5 months ago
Boatsie wrote:

[...] After arriving in Odessa,  a hot as chick grabbed my hand and tugged me.  She didn't speak much English.  'You take me shopping we have sex,  yes? ' Smiling away I told her nicely that I take her shopping but no sex because I have a girlfriend. 

Well, you got that the wrong way round.

Happy new year!


Boatsie [230 posts] 5 months ago

Regarding bikes, I'm stuck.
8speed hub..mudflaps.. Very wet weather.
Wide tyre roadie. Nearly rolling.
An old hack and me bmxs.
Wanting a speedster!!! Last bike. Dry weather 0-5% grade smooth tarmac 7-100km routes.
Looking at a used alloy velodrome 62cm 7.8kg. Thinking drilling brakes and feeling wind.
Statebikes have a 35% off sale. Their lightweights have sold out. Double butted chromoly 62cm bikes available and fairly cheap. I have spare dropbars, aero clipons and brake levers.
Isn't as high though and I'm comfortable upgrade 5% on 3.5
I doubt it would wall air into a slipstreams as efficient neither.
Guessing total weight would be 9kg with used moded track bike vs 11kg with db chromoly unit.
Chromoly also should fit 28 mm and absorb streets better.
Track bike drives the ratios I want though although switching the pinion shouldn't be a hassle yet less teeth might wear quicker or better put; require more diligence with tension.
At the start of the year I smile thinking yeah, today I'm riding a 10 year old $200 road bike because everything else is in the maintainance lineup and the dirty old worn rim black beast remains my smoothest fulcrum rolling machine. Sort of don't care as long as I may ride

davel [2390 posts] 5 months ago

Botnik has escaped. On a bike!