Hi Guys, 

Thankyou for letting me join your forum, i know im new here so i thought the best way for you to get to know me would be with my youtube channel, 

Please if you have a minute look through my channel, give me some constructive advise on how to improve and what you would like to see from the channel,


If you like the channel please sub!!  [:)]

Many thanks 



Team EPO [152 posts] 8 months ago

Looks good.


One of my favourite parts of the mountain bike mags are the long term reviews which covers what they like and dislike and have changed on their bikes.    Talking to someone who worked at WhatCar and he siad their staff long term car reviews were one of the most visited parts of their website.


- long term reviews

- favourite bits of personal kit you use week in and week out  eg pump,  caps etc

- braking distance of different carbon wheels (wet/dry)

-buying bikes on eBay dos and don'ts

- guest speakers ?  the bonkers Duriander would be funny

Woldsman [275 posts] 8 months ago

Had a quick flick through and watched your PRS-20 (which I’d seen before) and dummy hub reviews.  Lately I’ve been watching stuff about what’s in pro mechanics’ tool boxes (I’m not allowed to buy any more bikes). Do tool reviews float your boat? 

Most of your videos seem relatively short - a welcome alternative to quite a few I’ve seen if you feel you are going in to sufficient depth.