Thought I'd been building my mileages up gradually but a rush of blood to the head over the Christmas and New year period meant I overdid it, two good long rides then 120km commuting during the week and hey presto, sore knees...

Anyone else with a similar tale of woe? Taking two weeks off now to rest up, not the ideal start to my training for the Lang Way Doon!


Simon E [3338 posts] 6 months ago

Overdone it? Ha, not a chance!

Thanks to a heavy cold over Christmas and poor weather my mileage is below average (which is never particularly big anyway).

Are you sure the soreness is solely down to the distance ridden?

IanEdward [199 posts] 6 months ago

Yeah, funnily enough I had the cold over christmas, and the weather was rotten!

But looking at the miles I did manage to squeeze in it was a significant spike compared to the mileages I had been doing in the run-up to Christmas, followed up by a pretty solid week of commuting in the New Year.

I have no idea though if it's purely distance, for instance I also ride a singlespeed and one of my Christmas rides turned out to be rather hillier than I'd realised. However I have been doing a lot of reading into position recently and I'm as sure as I can be that my position is OK. Distance just seems like the most obvious culprit.

Am taking two weeks off and will focus on rebuilding hours in the saddle slowly once I'm back, I've also shoehorned some mudguards into the (brand new) race bike. Once I'm sure the worst of the grit and ice is off the roads I'll take that out, give the knees a wee break on the hills.