My bikes are secured using a couple of Kryptonite locks and both have seized in quick succession. 

Luckily, the bikes were unlocked at the time and as I bought them there my local bike shop is happy to send them back to the manufacturer.  Both of the locks are less than 2 years old.

I wondered if anyone else has had this issue with this make? 

My Abus and Litelok padlocks are functioning fine in the same environment. 



Canyon48 [1121 posts] 1 year ago
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Never had any issue with Kryptonite locks. Mine have been out in the cold and rain for a year now and I used them again for the first time after christmas and they worked fine.

Bike Radar did a very extensive test of nearly 30 locks, they were treated to some brutal climatic conditions, most the locks did very well Abus, Litelock and Kryptonite were all comparable.


Strange that both the locks gave up at roughly the same time! I load mine up with GT85 every so often...

ktache [1069 posts] 1 year ago
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Every so often give them a little squirt of dryish lube, then they can work well for many years.  I had noticed that my evolution lock that I leave at work had developed a bit of rust on its internals when I started working again after the new year, luckily one of my fellow cyclists had brought in some muc off dry, so a little bit and now its smooth again.  I will treat my new york chain in a bit, give the sleeve a wash and 3 in 1 the chain to stop it squeaking.  Sometimes thats the noisiest part of my ride.

I have even used the dreaded wd40 on the padlock for the bike shed in my last place of work, just frees things up a bit.  Very little that mechanical lasts for too long left out in the wet and cold.

gmac101 [222 posts] 1 year ago
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I've had a kryptonite lock since 1998  and for the last 5 years its been left on the sheffield stand at work and it's worked fine.  In that time I've lubricated it once when it started to feel a bit stiff. 

Municipal Waste [255 posts] 1 year ago
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I live and commute on the coast and my lock stays on the bike the whole time, although it is indoors during the day and at night. Literally never had even the slightest hint of seizing.

andyp [1599 posts] 1 year ago

My Kryptonite New York is 12 years old & counting. It's a bit scuffed and the little slidey keyhole cover has come off, but it's otherwise good as new, don't think it's had lube anywhere near it in that time.  Haven't heard many stories of them failing, sounds very odd. You getting a load of crap in the doings possibly?