I'm modifying my Avanti blade.
Is/was a 3*9 speed flatbar.

I have bought microshift 2*9 dropbar shifters and front/rear derailers.
Current chain is stretched, equipment smooth.
Coming off into spares drawer.
I have a 105 53/39 crank to replace the triple.

I can find 1/8 chain and tiagra 9 speed cassettes.
I'm lost as to where to hunt down 1/8 chainwheels. I would like 53/39. The derailer quotes usable with 52/39. Will assemble with old cogs first to verify shifting......
I have read that I can use 3/32 chainwheels yet I'd prefer to match size to size.

Anyone know where to look please..
Not in a rush... Bike is set up to handle winter!


Welsh boy [543 posts] 7 months ago

I have used these chainrings on a 9 speed Tiaga without any problems, have a look at the sizes available but you will have to check the BCD (bolt circle diameter) to make sure you get the right ring.  If you have any doubt drop Spa an email.



Boatsie [230 posts] 7 months ago

Chainwheel can wait. Figured chain and cassette change should bring the bicycle up to a serviceable condition.
Wasn't sure about 9 speed 10 speed difference. Reads should be alright.
Cheers per the advice Welsh boy. I'll replace with an either 8,9,10,11 speed wheel during a later chain change.

Duncann [1370 posts] 7 months ago
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Not sure why you'd want 1/8th chain and rings...

They're normally used for singlespeed bikes. Derailleur systems use the 3/32 width, and chains are even more specific according to the number of sprockets (more sprockets means a narrower chain).

In reality there is some tolerance across standards but I'm not sure why you'd start out by trying to avoid the best matches. I'm not sure how a wider 1/8th chain would work with a 9 speed cassette...

Sheldon Brown's website is good for cutting through the marketing speak and explaining what works: www.sheldonbrown.com/gloss_ch.html


Boatsie [230 posts] 7 months ago

Looking at KMC x9-73 x9-93 or x9-L
My mistake, I thought they were 1/8.
I was just a little bit worried about mix matching errors and excessive wear.
My chain is much stretched.
I am with impression that I best replace cassette at same time due to new chain bedding will wear cassette quickly. Aged equipment.

So basically... Found tiagra 12-25 with kmc x9-L together <$50 and hope chainwheel will sit chain.
Just got a bit lost looking per future maintaince regarding chainwheel. Lots of 10 speed wheels.
I know I read I can use 9 speed chain on 10 speed chainwheels. I'll keep looking... I like riding and it's not so important.. Just wondered whether I could reduce initial wear.

I'm knackered dude.. Adelaide Australia.. Old mate mentioned Prospect road.. Slight continuous grade..
I rode last night and at the moment it is such a lovely smooth, well lit tarmac with bike lanes both up and down gradient .

Simon E [3349 posts] 7 months ago
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KMC X9-93 is better than 73 but doesn't cost much more. The 93-L is a bit lighter and has a fancy Titanium Nitride coating but you'll pay a lot more for that.

Cassette life varies but can last 2 chains provided you replace the chain before it has worn (this is what causes asymmetrical wear to the cassette teeth). Buy a cheap chain tool e.g. Park CC-3. Replace at 0.75% (for 11 speed replace at 0.5%), if it skips under load in any gear then replace the cassette too.

IIRC Shimano 10 speed chainrings (at least on 10sp 105) are exactly the same as 9 speed (formerly Tiagra, now Sora) so can be used with either. Other brands may do the same.

Boatsie [230 posts] 7 months ago

Thanks guys.
Off topic a bit. I love kayaking. Bracing oar to grasp water and propelling using stoke side leg to push boat is so similar to road cycling. Loving the disaplines.
Being fairly new to maintaining the drive line.
Ordered x9-93 and tiagra 13-25. 12-25 seem rare atm and at $20 a cassette I can't complain.
Appreciate the chainwheel info. Thanks heaps.