Hello all,

I need some advice regarding bottom brackets and crank set.

I have bought courtesy of cycle to work, SRAMs red Etap wifli groupset and I have ordered the Ridley Fenix SLX frame but I need some help on what BB and crankset I need. It’s just confusing.

Ideally I would like to stay with SRAM red but their choices are GXP, PressFit, BB30 and PressFit 30. I don’t know why they are and which one is best.

Help please.

Thank you.



peted76 [1142 posts] 10 months ago

As I understand it.. the ridley has a BB86 fit. You can buy SRAM cranks with either BB30 or their GXP fit (which is I think the BB86 fit). Can't imagine one of particualry 'better' than the other.. they're all press fit aren't they?

It's a minefield...I'd suggest that this is a job for your 'LBS mechanic' !


ChrisB200SX [828 posts] 10 months ago
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This page says the frame utilises the BB86 standard:

That would mean the default choice would be SRAM GXP (PressFit). You can also get a BB86 from Shimano and there are potential options to conversion to another standard.

SRAM GXP PressFit BB86 is £28 on www.wiggle.co.uk but I had problems getting them to fufil my order recently so I just ordered one for the same price last night from www.ribblecycles.co.uk they currently have some decent deals on some other stuff I needed like a KMC 11-speed chain and quicklinks, worth a look if you need anything else.

I bought a 10-speed SRAM red crankset from planetx a few weeks back for about £150, apparently it should be fine with 11-speed.
They've only got one particular standard chainset in stock with short crank arms, hence the low price:

I've got SRAM Rival22 GXP on my old triathlon bike and quite like it.


SRAM Force22 GXP:


Probably worth shopping around on a few of the other big retailer's sites though.
Hope that helps  1


welshman001 [24 posts] 10 months ago

Thanks guys - really appreaciate it.

My LBS is fantastic too (Cambridge Cycles) so even if Wiggle et al are cheaper, the fact I can go and ask them directly is a deal breaker.

CXR94Di2 [2192 posts] 10 months ago

Bottom brackets are quite straightforward, once you know which it is. Also fitting is simple to do with basic tools.

TypeVertigo [428 posts] 10 months ago

Yep, a frame with a BB86 shell will fit SRAM GXP and Shimano Hollowtech II cranks just fine. Outer diameter is the same. Save for GXP's spindle step-down from 24 mm to 22 mm on the non-drive side, they are pretty much identical in terms of fitment (Hollowtech II is a consistent 24 mm throughout the entire length).

Just get BB86 bottom bracket bearings for your SRAM GXP crank, and you should be golden.

I'd steer clear of anything BB30 or PF30, personally. In terms of cranks, their spindles will be too short for your frame.