I'm after a new ( Used!) bike and I have decided on cyclocross.

Can anyone please list Good CX bike Models you know? 
I have a budget of around £150-£500 (not really a set budget,just depends on what is on offer on fleabay? Basically looking for something that has been £600-£1200+ when new and has good bits to it)

I'm currently looking at some boardman CX / Specialized Tricross / Ridley various models.
Needs: ability to mount a rack for panniers,mudguards,bottle.

What other GOOD CX models you can suggest?


kil0ran [1124 posts] 11 months ago

Merida Cyclocross 500 (or 300)

Kinesis Crosslight (they turn up on eBay a lot)

Genesis Croix de Fer or CdA

PlanetX Kaffenback or London Road

Do you want disc brakes? If not, go to Decathlon and look at the Triban 100. 

Possibly some of the Cannondale or Giant bikes but check they'll take racks/guards as not all do.

fukawitribe [2577 posts] 11 months ago
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Jamis Nova Race - decent cabling and flattened top-tube, nice and comfy on the shoulder, light enough, fairly basic rims (AlexRims, eyeletted) but they are easy enough to make tubeless and pretty bomb-proof, Tiagra groupset mainly, works well, with BB7s - they're OK, prefer hydraulics or JuinTech-a-likes but they stop you. Run mine with Fabric cage-less bottle which gives a nice big area in the frame when the bottle's not needing (i.e. racing) - I like them, know others don't.**



** the bottles that is, not the bike - they seem well regarded from my initial prodding around before I got one.

TypeVertigo [428 posts] 11 months ago

Giant TCX. I'm not sure if the newer models still have the ability to mount a rack though.

My 2014 TCX SLR 2 (aluminum) came with a rack adapter block that mounted over the seat post clamp plate for this purpose - and the longer bolts and spacers needed for it to work. 


Even then, though, the TCX never did have a proper pair of bridges at the seat stays and chain stays...so some bodging required for mudguards. That said, I do run SKS Bluemels year-round.

The newer models seem to have migrated towards a single-bolt wedge system for seat post retention.

Grahamd [982 posts] 11 months ago

I have a Boardman CX. Apart from tyres and lubes has needed no maintenance in many years. Has the fittings for mudguards.