At the weekend I dropped my daughters bike and it has left it with a few small chips.  She isn't actually that bothered about it, but I would like to touch them up.

Internet says to get a RAL colour chart to get the correct colour of paint.  These seem rather expensive, especially if you want one that covers a wide range of colours.

I've looked at mobile apps to see if there is one, but then I don't trust them to work with white balance of the screen.

Any other thoughts/ideas?  I would like to get it as close as possible to the correct colour.  The bike isn't bad enough, and the bike isn't worth enough, to pay someone to sort the chips out.


Flying Scot [1005 posts] 10 months ago

Buy a cheap set of different coloured nail varnish for a fiver, the colour or one near it you can mix is usually works out. 

StraelGuy [1444 posts] 10 months ago

Agree with Flying Scott on this one. If you're not too bothered about aesthetics, you can even use clear nail varnish to protect chips and stop any water getting in.

dottigirl [819 posts] 10 months ago
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Take it in to Halfords and compare it to the colours of the car paints there.

Failing that, contact the bike manufacturer and ask what colour paint it is. Some manufacturers e.g. Spesh used to supply their dealers with touch-up paint.