2 items to mention

The KOM was 400met before the finish line, so has been scored 6,5,4,3,2,1

The TDU official site says young riders jersey is for under 25 year olds. So you would expect say, J McCarthy, who is 24, would be in the young rider cat. He isn't, and I don't know why. Can anyone cast some light on this.



triccky100 [172 posts] 2 years ago
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And if we are scoring combativity then I think Sutterlin should have another 10 points? 

tony kappler [200 posts] 2 years ago

If you look at the "stage information", there is no combativity points for this race. (I don't know why).

MinardiM189 [523 posts] 2 years ago

With regard young rider competition, I'm guessing they have changed it to under 24 but haven't updated it on their website. I've seen this happen with other races. In the race guide it is listed as U26

If you look at young riders listed on Procycling Stats they are all under 24 and it doesn't include McCarthy. I guess it is in the rule book which I haven't been able to find online.

1wrangler [119 posts] 2 years ago

After some searching I found several different ages listed for the TDU YR jersey on different sites--ranging from 23 to 26 years old--so, I would also appreciate if someone could clear that up too. I even looked at Wiki, which said under 23.  And as you said Tony, the official site says under 25.

I find it strange how often some rule that should be clearly delineated can be so difficult to determine via web search.