Quick question:

Both braking surfaces on my 'as spec' Fillmore Wheels are shot and need replacing (eventually...)


As seems to be the way with cheap wheels, it seems to be only marginally more expensive to replace the whole shebang rather than going for two wheel builds on the existing hubs

I understand that loosely speaking, a 'track' front wheel = 'deeper dish' and more spokes - so a stronger wheel?

This Fillmore has never seen a track, never will do, and is used for commuting and 50 mile adventures around the South Downs.

What with it being the South Downs and all - any boost to hill climbing is a bonus, by using a 'normal' front wheel instead of a 'track' I'd save a couple of hundred grams (smaller hubs, less spokes)

Whilst that'll obviously mean a less-strong front wheel, are there any other problems / reasons I should replace the current front wheel with a second 'track' front wheel.



dave atkinson [6399 posts] 8 years ago

Given that heavy riders such as myself (97kg) run around happily on road wheels with 14/16/18/20 spokes with no ill effects, I wouldn't worry too much about a standard wheel being strong enough. Track and road hubs are generally 100mm across the front so it should be a straight swap. Road hubs are quick release of course so you'll be running nuts at the back and a QR on the front, that bothers some people but i'm not one of them  1