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Nice bit of driving on CS3 in East London

witnessed this during my morning commute, which takes in CS3 on cable street


bear in mind this is an elevated, segregated, permanent dual lane cycle path

refuse collection vehicle, marked as "Tower Hamlets" although crew had Veolia uniforms on.

Came across the scene to find a very upset women with a folding bike, the driver had caused her to crash. she was off her bike, walking around trying to calm down.

he then proceeded to abuse cyclists who challenged his behaviour, told them to "f*ck off" and gave them the finger

Then got back into the vehicle with his crew mates, and carried on driving down CS3, causing oncoming cyclists to swerve to avoid his vehicle, some going onto the pavement.


I've emailed LB Tower Hamlets with photos, not holding my breathe we get any response...

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