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We’ve teamed up with industry specialists Quotezone so that you can get a range of quotes from the leading cycle insurance providers, saving you time and money.

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Bicycle insurance: Get your bikes covered!

We all know someone who's had their bikes nicked. Make sure you're covered if it happens to you, and use our online comparison tool to get 30+ quotes from top insurers

If you’re looking for specialist bicycle insurance there are an increasing number of companies in the market that can help. Often your house insurance policy will include some level of cover for bikes, but specialist insurers will often give you more options. Here are some things to look for when you’re buying bicycle insurance.

You could pay less than £112 to insure a bicycle valued between £1501 and £3000*

We’ve teamed up with industry specialists Quotezone so that you can instantly get 30+ quotes from the leading cycle insurance providers, saving you time and money.

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 *51% of customers with a bicycle valued between £1500 and £3000 who obtained a quote for Bicycle Insurance through this service provided by Seopa Ltd between January and March 2022 were quoted less than £112. Using the same calculation for bicycles valued up to £1500 gave a figure of £46.37 and for bicycles valued over £3000 gave a figure of £200.13. The quote price you could achieve is dependent on your individual circumstances.

Thief attempting to steal a bike. Make sure you have cycle insurance!

What does bicycle insurance cover?

It’s important to read the small print on any policy to make sure that you’re covered for the type of riding that you want to do. Before you go shopping for insurance, draw up a list of the sorts of things you want covered. All policies will include theft cover, although the restrictions on where the theft is from, and what kind of lock you’ll need to use, will differ. Here are some other things to consider:

Racing cover

Many policies will include accident replacement. If you’re planning to race, then make sure you’re covered for any damage caused during a race or an organised ride such as a sportive as that won’t always be covered as standard. 

Third-party liability cover

It's definitely worth checking that you have public liability, either as part of your bicycle insurance or separately. It's difficult to do really substantial damage to another road user or vehicle with a bike, but a moment of inattention could still land you with a bill for a couple of grand for bodywork repairs. You may find that your house insurance or membership of a cycling organisation (Cycling UK, British Cycling) will cover you here. If not, make sure your cycle insurance policy includes it.

Away from home cover

Does the bicycle insurance policy include cover when you’re out and about? If so, make sure you check how do you need to secure your bike to make sure the cover applies. If you like to take your bike overseas, is it covered for accidental damage when travelling, or theft when you’re out of the country? If not, you’ll need to add it.

Your cycle insurance may not be valid if you use the wrong type of lock

What kind of lock will I need?

All insurers generally require you to lock your bike to a solid object, and some specify the quality of lock you have to use. You should never leave an expensive bike in town with anything less than a Sold Secure Gold lock anyway, and if that means lugging around an Abus Granit, so be it. Having a bike stolen is far more inconvenient than carrying a good lock.

Is the cycle insurance policy ‘new for old’?

One of the most potentially annoying bits of small print in cycle insurance policies is whether or not the cover is 'new for old'. The insurers may pay out less if your bike is older, which is annoying if you've looked after it well and want to replace it with something just as good. Check whether the policy is new for old or whether any payout will be reduced by depreciation.

How much will I pay for my cycle insurance?

The best way to find out is to put your bike details into our dedicated quote page. It’ll compare 30+ quotes from leading insurers in the market and give you a range of quotes to choose from. 

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How much will the excess on my bicycle insurance policy be?

The excess will either be a set amount per claim or it’ll be a percentage of the amount insured, or the amount of any claim that you make. Usually you can opt for a higher excess and a lower premium, or vice versa.

Which company should I choose for my bicycle insurance?

Much as we'd love to rate and recommend insurers, Financial Conduct Authority regulations prevent us, as that would amount to offering financial advice. But here’s an overview of some of the specialist insurers that are currently in the market.

Laka is based on a collective system rather than a simple premium, which means your monthly payment can go up and down depending on the level of claims. A lot is covered by default: theft, damage, racing, travel and legal assistance are all part of the policy.

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Bikmo offers new-for-old cover and covers you worldwide whether you’re exploring or racing. You can also get a 50% discount on a second bike, and if your bike doesn’t make it to your holiday destination there’s cover for emergency bike hire too.

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Yellow Jersey offers three different tiers of insurance, each with more covered than the next. Essentials covers theft and accidental damage in the UK, with performance extending cover to organised events and riding in Europe, and Ultimate covering you worldwide.

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Protect My Bike offers cover against theft, accidental dame and vandalism, and it can also include personal accident insurance to cover you in the event of injury. You know how dangerous everyone says disc brakes are…

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Sundays draws from over 13 years of cycling insurance data to offer customizable cover for serious and casual cyclists alike. If you’re a paid Strava Subscriber then there are some extra benefits including device damage and taxi cover if you need to get rescued.

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Assetsure offers cover for a wide range of different things. Their cycle insurance can include public liability and legal expenses cover to help you out if you’re involved in an incident that wasn’t your fault. Or was.

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Cover Cloud offers new-for-old cover for bikes valued at up to £6,000. Theft and damage are covered as standard, and there are lots of options too including accessories cover and roadside recovery. You can get gadget insurance for your phone, too.

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Cycleplan is underwritten by insurance giants Aviva. There are options for public liability insurance and legal expenses cover, and you can insure the whole family’s bikes on one policy. You can also opt for race fee insurance to cover you if you’re unable to compete.

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Eversure’s cycle insurance policy has a big range of optional extras and you can pick and choose depending on your needs. You can get accessories cover, personal accident cover, worldwide cover, breakdown recovery, public liability and much more.

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WeCovr’s bicycle insurance is pretty fully featured by default. As well as theft and damage cover, you get public liability cover, legal expenses, personal injury, breakdown cover, European and worldwide cover, and even identity theft cover.

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Cycleguard has been protecting cyclists and triathletes across the UK for over 20 years against theft and damage to all types of bike. There’s a multi-bike discount if you have a big stable, and accessories cover up to £2,500 for all your gear.

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Nova Direct offers a range of insurance solutions for home, car, travel and more. The cycle insurance policy covers theft and damage in the UK, and you get 90 days of worldwide cover too. If you want uncomplicated cover then there aren’t many options to stress over.

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Ala’s cycle insurance includes worldwide cover for any adventures you’ve got planned. Optional extras offered by Ala include public liability, legal expenses, personal accident, accessories cover and replacement hire if you find yourself without a bike for a big event

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