Tom Southam

Inside Out - Rapha Condor Sharp by Tom Southam and Camille McMillan


In 2012 ex Rapha rider Tom Southam and the photographer Camille McMillan started The Inside Out project - a web blog following the first year of a few of what was then Rapha Condor Sharp's (now Rapha Condor JLT's ) new young signings.

Tom lays it out in his introduction: 'We'd both raced...We wanted to challenge the insipid stories that get regurgitated to the press by riders...and the constant replication of the same imagery that cycling fans have been looking at for three decades.'

Interview: David Millar says it's technology, not doping, that now gives riders the edge

David Millar says that it is technology, not performance enhancing drugs, that is now giving pro cyclists an edge over their rivals. In an interview conducted by former Rapha Condor rider Tom Southam and made available by the website Humans Invent, Millar speaks about the role of technology within the sport, with his Garmin-Sharp team being one of the leading innovators.

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