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Video: Teaching a child to ride

Want to get a youngster on a bike? This video from the CTC takes you through the steps from getting your sprog scooting along to having them confidently pedalling around.

The basis is simple: find somewhere quiet and away from traffic, and get your little one's bike set up so she can easily push along on the ground.

Make sure she knows how to use the brakes, then let her play, pootling about, and get used to steering the bike with the confidence that she can stop at any time.

There are a few more details, so here's the video:

Sheffield school gets purpose built cycling track

British Cycling hope to foster 'new Olympians' at a new kilometre-long traffic-free cycle track at a school in Sheffield, where children can learn bike skills and take their first steps in competitive cycling.

Forge Valley Community School's track, which will be accessible to the wider community, was opened by John Mills, Coaching, Education and Development Director at British Cycling and the chairman of UK Sport and the Youth Sport Trust Baroness Sue Campbell.

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