Really powerful degreaser that dilutes to an excellent general bike wash
Juice Lubes Dirt Juice twin pack
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Juice Lubes' Dirt Juice is a very powerful degreaser and bike cleaner and the twin pack is pretty good value as well. You'll need to be a bit careful with it in its concentrated form but it does a super job of removing even the thickest grub from chains and mechs.

The twin pack gets you a litre of Dirt Juice Super Gnarl - the strong stuff - and a litre of Less Gnarl which is the same product diluted ten times. The two bottles come with a single spray head which you'll need to swap between them for different jobs but that's not a big deal.

Biodegradable and earth friendly the stuff might be, but that's not to say you'll want to use it as eyewash or spread it on your toast. The concentrated formula has an irritant warning on the bottle and the greasy feel on your skin suggests it's a pretty strong alkaline solution as most powerful degreasers are. Juice claim it won't harm paintwork or seals though, and we've not noticed any discolouration or perishing going on.

The first test for any cleaner round here is the 'look no hands' one: wet bike, spray on cleaner, wait a few minutes, rinse off. This generally doesn't have much effect but the Dirt Juice Super Gnarl was noticeably better than most, starting to tackle some of the grimier bits even without any elbow work. Get the brush out and there's nothing it won't get through. Even diluted 10:1 it's a pretty effective fill for the chain bath, and the concentrate will tackle bearing grease with ease.

The two bottles have a scale on the side so it's easy to mix up some new dilute, and the spray trigger is decent quality too. Seventeen quid is a fair whack of course, but you're getting 11 litres of bike cleaner that's better than most, and the option to use is neat if you've got anything really dirty. It should last you for a good long while.


Really powerful degreaser that dilutes to an excellent general bike wash

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