Winkball survey sees improved lanes the most important thing for cyclists

Cyclists in London who attended London’s Skyride on Sunday weren’t just taking advantage of the capital’s traffic-free streets – they were also giving their views on what they want to see in London as cyclists.

London-based video communication service WinkBall.com launched the largest ever dedicated video survey of cyclists' views on what it's like to get around the capital on two wheels and have their say on a range of issues.

WinkBall.com surveyed 300 London cyclists and found that over a third felt improved cycle lanes would be the biggest influencer to get people on bikes in the capital.

Sixteen per cent of those interviewed felt that cycle lanes were already satisfactory, while the majority – 71 per cent – said that cycle lanes could be improved in the Capital. Seven per cent felt that events like Skyride were important and necessary in improving public education about cycling in London and 33 per cent of those interviewed felt that improved cycle lanes would influence Londoners to get on their bikes.

And 31 per cent felt that safety levels for cyclists varied across London. You can watch the interviews here.

Co-founder of WinkBall, Dr. James Ohene-Djan, said: "At a time when Londoners are trying to reduce their carbon footprint, many are taking to two wheels. Unfortunately, however, nobody currently reports on the difficulties many cyclists face in getting around London on a day-to-day basis by bike.

"Our coverage of Skyride and our focus on cycling throughout September will give the world an insight on what it's like to cycle around a capital city; what to avoid and what are London's best kept cycling secrets.

“This is the first time that a video survey of this kind has been conducted and the body of video recorded will provide a hugely valuable resource for The Mayor of London and Transport for London on how they can improve the daily life for a cyclist in London.”

WinkBall.com is a free, web-based, personal video communication service, which allows anyone to record, send and share videos with friends and family - privately. For more views on cycling in London, or to have your say at WinkBall.com go to: www.winkball.com/walls/cycling.

A recent study by Leeds and Bolton universities revealed that cyclists are in much more danger of being hit by cars on roads that include cycle lanes because they encourage motorists to drive closer when overtaking bicycles.

The study challenges the approach taken by many local authorities to promote cycling and suggests that reducing the speed and volume of traffic would be more effective in improving cycle safety than painting narrow cycle lanes and cycle symbols on their roads.

Roger Geffen, Campaigns & Policy Manager for the CTC welcomed the research and said: “Cycle lanes are very useful as long as they are good - if the cycle lane is an adequate width. If you’re going to do cycle lanes then you have got to do them well.”