Eye-catching Bike of the Day: Sawyer
You'll never guess what this beach cruiser is made from. Okay, you might...

Taipei Cycle is a great place for spotting unusual bikes and here’s one of the most attention-grabbing ones that I saw today: the Sawyer, designed by Jurgen Kuipers of The Netherlands.

It’s a beach cruiser, clearly, but have a guess what type of plywood it’s made from. The clue’s in the question.

Correct, it’s beech. I’d like to think he did that on purpose.

You can buy this bike as a build kit, cutting or sawing the panels yourself.  Apparently, it rides comfortably and not wooden, as you might expect.

I’m not saying the Sawyer is the most practical option for nipping down the shops on, but it’s certainly an interesting addition to the bicycle world, and for that we give Jurgen a pat on the back. That’s probably not as welcome as the prize money he got for being among the winners of this year’s International Bicycle Design Competiton, but it’s all he’s getting from road.cc.

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cat1commuter [1418 posts] 2 years ago

I imagine that if I were to pedal that with my knees far apart enough to miss the frame, then I'll hit them on the handlebars!

Miguel255 [7 posts] 2 years ago

Check out this wooden bike.....

Tjuice [163 posts] 2 years ago

Fantastic. Love both the one in the pic, and the one posted by Miguel255