Michal Prokop takes the win but he didn't have an entire christmas tree strapped to his back...

The Cobble Wobble is an institution these days, now in its fourth year. It's an eclectic blend of professional bikers, have-a-go tryers and fancy dress lunatics all trying to be fastest up a 179-yard cobbled climb through the centre of Frome. If you haven't tried it, you should. It's ace.

This year's race was wone by MTB 4X racer Michal Prokop in a time of 22.966 seconds, astonishingly quick since it was wet and slippery on the cobbles for the final this year. Last year's winner Lewis Lacey was second, while Martyn Ashton – who was fastest in qualifying on the same Pinarello Dogma he used for the Road Bike Party vid – slipped a gear in his final run.

Anyway, it's not really about the winning, is it? each year the fancy dress gets better and better. Top marks to the chap pictured at the top who did the climb with an entire christmas tree starapped to his back. Big shouts to the CobbleBots too, and the guy who did it on a unicycle. Ace filmster Alex Rankin was there to capture the action, so take the phone off the hook for five minutes and have a watch. It is Christmas, after all.

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