Author hopes he's helped start the process of eradicating all doping from sport...

Tyler Hamilton has said that he'd like Lance Armstrong to face up to the truth of his doping after seeing the photo Armstrong posted of himself reclining on a couch looking at his seven yellow jerseys.

Speaking at the William Hill Sports Book of the Year award in London where his book, The Secret Race, was named the winner, Hamilton told the Daily Telegraph: "He's still denying the past and that picture saddens me, I don't enjoy looking at that.

"He's most likely going through a similar process that I went through. Maybe he's reflecting on the whole situation now. If he does the same picture like that in a year's time I'd be surprised. I think he's probably spending a lot of time thinking about it and you know it's got to be tearing him up inside.

"For Lance Armstrong if he tells the truth he's going to be OK and he's going to be much better off if he tells the truth. We know the truth but everybody wants to hear it from him."

Hamilton added that he hoped his book, which contained information critical to the USADA report that stripped Armstrong of his titles, would help the process of clearing up cycling.

He said: "When I came into the top tier of professional cycling in 1997 the doping culture was in full force.

"So I don't know exactly when it started, how it started, where it went wrong but we need to figure out how it went wrong to really to set a clear path for the future because if we don't learn from our mistakes it's going to happen again I guarantee it, I guarantee it."


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