New BikeConsole handlebar mounts launched
This time they’re for the Apple iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy SIII

Tech Sport have added two new models to their BikeConsole range of handlebar mounts that support the Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) and Apple iPhone 5.

They come with a new mounting system that enables the cases to be locked and held more securely on handlebars and, among other new features, they’re said to have increased resistance to water. The back section is flat to fit into pockets more comfortably than before and the screens are touch sensitive.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII (S3) case will be available in about a fortnight and the iPhone case will be available around mid -December. Each will be priced at £34.95.

These new mounts add to the existing range of BikeConsoles for the iPhone 3 and 4, Samsung Galaxy S and SII and a range of other Android -based phones.

The BikeConsoles complement the BikeCharge dynamo that enables you to charge your smartphone as you ride, PowerPack batteries that mount on your bike to recharge your smartphone, and BikeTouch gloves that enable you to operate your phone without removing your gloves.

All of these products are available from www.cyclewiz.co.uk.

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