Giro d'Italia: Stage 18 Preview - San Vito di Cadore to Vedelago 149 km

Last chance for the sprinters to shine and there is one left who can… Geraint Thomas gives his view

by Tony Farrelly   May 23, 2012  

Giro 2012 Stage 18 map

Classified as a flat stage, but the likelihood is that most of the sprinters who contested the finishes in the opening week or so will be long gone by now, and the mountains will have taken their toll on the ability to control the race of some teams who might want to do so.

With a drop of more than 900 metres from start to finish and only one climb of any note at Cesiomaggiore, just after halfway, it looks like being a fast one, and taking place in one of Italy’s cycling heartlands means there’s an extra incentive for some of the smaller home teams perhaps to put on a show. This is also a must win stage for Mark Cavendish if he wants to win the points jersey as the final three stages are not going to offer him much in the way of point scoring opportunities.

GT: Again, this could be a sprint but it depends whose around by then. I’m sure if there’s a decent sprinter left [and there is] then they’ll try and do it, even so-called second tier sprinters, they could really be up for having a go here.

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