Cycle insurers show off latest addition to classic bike brand

Russian oligarchs tired of the Ferrari or pop stars wanting to leave the stretch limo behind would do well to invest in a gold-plated Brompton folding bike pimped by online cycle insurers ilovemybike.co.uk

Valued at £2,500, the bike is a stock Brompton S2L which has been stripped down, polished, plated in copper and covered in 24ct gold.

Brompton aficionados will be delighted to hear that the distinctive bar-mounted selector has been replaced by a specially fabricated jockey shift gear change with a pool ball on top. All cables are gold braid, and even the spoke nipples are gold.

In addition, the plastic fittings used to secure the folding frame have been replaced with stop cock handles and the runner wheels have been replaced by skateboard wheels.

The idea of converting the stalwart bike into something resembling a pop star’s pogo stick was conceived to promote ilovemybike.co.uk’s new price for insuring folding bikes.

Cover is offered at a 40 per cent discount - the rate is not affected by post code and is calculated solely on the value of the bicycle. So one year’s cover for a £500 Brompton would cost £31.80.

The golden bike folds down into a discreet bag the size of a small suitcase, and so is useful for stowing away in the boot of a Bentley or in the overhead locker of a private jet. It’s now on sale, but there is a chance to win one by visiting the website and obtaining an instant quote on your existing bike.

Andrew Davis, director at ilovemybike.co.uk, said: “When folded this bike fits as easily in a helicopter as it does on a number 37 bus – it’s a luxurious and healthy way to travel for the price of a scooter.”