She's using skis and a kite too but that's her plan for January...

The BBC's intrepid Helen Skelton who is already a heroine to the UK's schoolchildren on account of paddling a canoe the length of the Amazon is now to attempt a 500-mile mission across the ice to the South Pole using a bicycle.

According to the BBC her date with the Antarctic will start tomorrow (Wednesday 14th December) and will entail spending January dragging an 82Kg sledge with all her food and camping supplies 500 miles to the South Pole in aid of Sport Relief. Presumably accompanied by at least one other person with a camera, she will be partly towed on skis by a kite "for the fast parts" and will use a specially adapted bike for the more technical stuff.

She admits to the BBC, "I didn't really think this one through. I've never done anything like it. I just didn't think about what it would entail - camping in the snow, using the water to cook your food, lugging all your stuff around, so yeah, it's been a steep learning curve."

If she succeeds, Skelton will have achieved a record for the longest bicycle journey across snow although we're now off to research the distances achieved for the legendary Iditarod races which include a category for bicycles as well as dog sleds and snowshoes.

Will Helen Skelton be riding the massively-tyred Surly Pugsley we saw at Eurobike? No, as it turns out.