Porsche launches two bikes: coming December

The ideal Christmas present, especially if you like the idea of matching your transportation brands in the garage

by nick_rearden   October 14, 2011  


German car company Porsche has announced two human-powered, two-wheeled machines; an urban bicycle based on a Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub with Gates belt drive plus an XTR-bedecked all-carbon-fibre beast which depending on your point of view is either a tarmac-tyred 29er or a slack head-angled urban hybrid.

Either way, despite efforts in the frame moulding around the head tube area to give the pricier grey carbon-framed RS model a distinctive Porsche look, it reminds us overall of the recent well-reviewed Whyte hybrids which immediately makes us feel well-disposed towards it.

Porsche Bike S will cost £3,000 when it arrives with dealerships in December.

The Porsche Bike RS - standing for Renn Sport (Race Sport) according to the guys over on gizmag - is due to cost £5,000 when stocks first arrive at Porsche dealerships in December. A tasty spec based on Crank Bros wheels, Magura hydraulic brakes and the aforementioned Shimano XTR components based on a carbon frame and fork means it's a tad over the odds price-wise but hey, it might ride like a dream and it does say Porsche on the headbadge.

The white Bike S model is based on an aluminium frame with the same carbon-fibre fork as the RS but this time with a Gates belt driving a Shimano Alfine 11-speed hub. Price is £3,000. Sizes: small, medium and large and like the RS sibling looks like it's doing 30mph standing still. Always a good sign.

Porsche Bike RS: £5,000 but it does have Magura hydraulic brakes all round.

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They look alright, If the grey one didn't have such a slope on the top tube, then get a set of drops, would make an ideal cyclocross bike

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posted by Gkam84 [9318 posts]
14th October 2011 - 18:57

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£3k for an aluminium frame etc overpriced!

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posted by onlyonediane [167 posts]
14th October 2011 - 20:53


So if a Porsche bike rolls up next to a GM..

In your face GM? Porsche obviously thinks its cool, and honestly - the boys from Stutgart is a bit cooler than the chaps from Detroit!

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posted by seabass89 [235 posts]
14th October 2011 - 21:11

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Undoubtedly aimed at fifty-somethings with too much disposable income.

Porsche obviously worked out that what works for cars might just work for bikes too.

Wonder if when you take it in for its annual service you'll pay £90/hour for the privilege?

(Sorry if I appear cynical, it comes from owning an old 993 and having had Porsche & their dealerships rip me off for years!)


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posted by PeteH [159 posts]
14th October 2011 - 21:40

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Urgh ! Shan't be parting with cash in Porsche's direction, I'm afraid. That grey thing looks like the bike equivalent of a Porsche Cayenne - THE ugliest vehicle of all time Sick

Cycling - not just a pastime or sport - free your soul on the open road.

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posted by timbola [229 posts]
16th October 2011 - 19:10

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Just like every other Porsche - over-priced and over-rated


posted by alg [154 posts]
17th October 2011 - 8:34

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alg wrote:
Just like every other Porsche - over-priced and over-rated
... and over here.

posted by John G [53 posts]
18th October 2011 - 13:16

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another car manufacturer jumping on the bandwagon in whats seen in increasing numbers as "cool" but again gives them no right to rip us off same goes for some clothing now way way over the top!!! Angry

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posted by andrew miners [46 posts]
20th October 2011 - 8:31

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Our local Porsche dealership in Bristol called to say the white Bike S is now in the showroom, which may well mean it's in others, too, if you're interested in having a look. At road.cc we're talking to a motoring journo we know to get him to review one; kind of a review of him reviewing it kind of thing. Watch this space.

posted by nick_rearden [864 posts]
26th October 2011 - 12:29

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Nice to know Porsche is going back to air-cooling


posted by OldRidgeback [2536 posts]
26th October 2011 - 12:36


They seem to more about image than anything else. In image terms, however, there the danger of being seen as a Porsche wannabe, can't afford the car but... On the other hand, being seen getting one out of a Porsche (assuming you could find a way of getting it in), you'd be in danger of your image being 'brand slave'. Get your nose tattooed with the Porsche logo and have done with it.

posted by bikeylikey [192 posts]
18th August 2012 - 10:50