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by Tony Farrelly   May 14, 2009  

Matt Crampton: Mid effort

This autumn Rollapaluza will roll out (sorry) a nationwide competition to find Britian's best roller racers. The competition will build on Rollapaluza's success in London and at one-off events around the country.

Details of times, places and venues are yet to be confirmed but what we can tell you is that the series will comprise of stand-alone regional events, each one identical to the Rollapaluza nights they have become known for with DJs and unique atmosphere.  These regional events will also act as qualifiers for a “Grand Finale” in London with big prizes on offer and if Rollapaluza's other big nights are any indication, a big crowd too.

The regions will be:

North and Midlands
South West
London and East

One of the reasons Rollapaluza has been such a success is their inclusive approach to cycling competition and all competitors will compete on identical Condor bikes and the standard Rollapaluza gearing.

There will also be a national youth competition, with the younger competitors taking part in the afternoon, before the evening event commences.

Rollapaluza now build their own roller race rigs all of which are identical so roller-racers across the nations can be assured that they are competing on a level playing field. Rollapaluza are now opening up international franchises with these same rigs so there is even potential for future world-wide challenges.

Olympians Chris Hoy and Craig Maclean have raced Rollapaluza, but the current 500m record is held by rising British track star Matt Crampton with 17.90 seconds. There will be a special prize to the rider who sets the fastest time of the series and a bonus if that time is a new record.

Expect to see Rollapaluza near you in the second half of 2009

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Fantastic news, better get into training! What gears are the bikes using, and what resistance? This is my calling. Possibly Smile

The Man In Black.

posted by gandberg [215 posts]
14th May 2009 - 17:12

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We use a gearing 0f 44 x 14 for the adult bikes, pretty spinny.....and there is little resistance either!

Winston of Rollapaluza

posted by winston [3 posts]
14th May 2009 - 18:12

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