Look to offer complete bikes in 2012

We're guessing that most Look customers will still want to start with a frame but it's a nice option if you hate making tough decisions.

by nick_rearden   August 2, 2011  

Look 695 SL 01

French carbon-fibre builder Look will be offering a limited number of its frames as complete builds starting in 2012.

They've been available for years as frames only for self-builds or having your friendly workshop spec you your perfect choice of parts but from next year there will be a further option in having Look send a factory-built complete bike to your dealer.

There will be three options: a 566 frame built up with Shimano 105 for £2,199, the new 586UD based on Ultegra for £2,799 and a flagship model based on the amazing 695 which we previewed in detail last Eurobike with top-spec SRAM Red, Zipp 'bars and Zipp 404 carbon clinchers for £6,999.

All the other frame models as well as these ones will continue to be available individually and we foresee that the great majority of sales will continue to be made this way. However, if you're thinking of using Shimano 105 or Ultegra, anyway (and why wouldn't you, we'll throw in just to get a rise from the Campagnolo fans?), you'd be hard pressed to beat the price and it does save a lot of grief for you and/or your bike shop.

Our Mat reviewed the Look 585 Optimum predecessor to the new 586UD back in July last year and summarised, "Overall, the Look simply works. You can get lighter bikes, you can get stiffer bikes, and you can get more comfortable bikes. But the Look's strength is that it scores highly on all three making it a very strong all-round package. For sportive-type riding – long rides where comfort really counts – it's a winner."

Details: www.lookcycle.com 

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Can you get one without their Fisher-Price-style adjustable stems?

posted by handlebarcam [531 posts]
2nd August 2011 - 14:48


You can swap the stem out for anything you want, it's a standard steerer.

All the gear and no idea!

posted by JonMack [171 posts]
2nd August 2011 - 15:46


"French carbon-fibre builder Look..." really? That's great; I thought they got them built in the Far East like most other companies.


posted by Michael5 [121 posts]
2nd August 2011 - 18:53


Michael5 wrote:
"French carbon-fibre builder Look..." really? That's great; I thought they got them built in the Far East like most other companies.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Yawn

posted by iamelectron [124 posts]
2nd August 2011 - 19:42


I have had a Look Carbon fibre Bike Fitted with Dura Ace and its 8 years old and still going strong with a shock absorbing and comfortable ride on long runs! I would reccommend to anyone! Cool

posted by mikeyboy247 [12 posts]
3rd August 2011 - 15:48