Need a change of position, or just looking to save some weight? help's at hand...

You know how it is: you've taken delivery of your new integrated seat post frame and whoops - you've accidentally lopped too much off it. Plus, the seat clamp that came with it is a bit heavy. Well, help's at hand, thanks to milling meisters KCNC.

Aftermarket seat clamps for 34.9mm seatmasts – not a universal size, but the most popular – are starting to hit the market, and of course it's not just about making mistakes with your Carbon saw; you might just want to adjust your position a bit. And if you're selling an ISP bike, or buying one, then the chances are that the old and new riders won't be exactly the same size, which can cause problems.

The KCNC seat clamps are machined Aluminium with Titanium fittings, and there are four models: inline and layback clamps in either 50mm or 100mm lengths. The 100mm gives an extra 5cm of up-and-down adjustment which should sort you out if a bike you're looking at buying is a bit short of mast. We don't have any info on how much they weigh as yet, but since it's KCNC the answer will be 'not much'. You can choose your colour, too: black, red and gold are the buttons they can press on the big anodising machine.

They'll retail at £84.99 for the short ones and £91.99 for the long ones.


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