Cool viral vid of Cannondale's new super-bike in action...

Cannondale's new SuperSix Evo super-bike certainly caused a bit of a stir since at its world launch in Italy last month. Mat was certainly impressed when he got to put it though its paces in Italy, but sadly we never got to shoot some video of him in action on the roads around Turnin.

Well, it may not be Mat on board but we now do have some really excellent footage of the Evo in action over some of the toughest climbs and fastest descents the Alps has to offer. On board is Cannondale's UK marketing supremo* Mike Cotty one of the few people skinnier than our Mat. Don't worry it's not an ad - well it is, but not in a ramming a load of techno-babble marketing blurb down your throat. Mike let's the bike and the alpine roads do the talking here…

You can read Mat's report on the launch and his initial ride report here, but in short: light, stiff, and skinny is what the new Evo is all about. It's a bike built for climbing that's also designed to be planted on the descents too – the matt black paint job on the models at the launch reminded us of the Cervelo RC5A - that would appear not to have been coincidental. Anyway this vid shows off Cannondale'd new baby in it's intended environment.

And if you're going to chuck a bike down a mountain road, or indeed up one, you might as well do it with Mike Cotty aboard. For those who've not heard of him, apart from being Cannondale's marketing guy in the UK Mr Cotty is something of a sportive riding legend. He doesn't race, and for those of a certain age could best be summed up as the cycling equivalent of the  Chevy Chas character in Caddyshack. He's also very much more than a front man for a whole slew of Cyclefilm big ride vids most notably their series of Etape du Tour recce films. Back in 2009 Mike also tackled the Race across the Alps and in 2006 (I think) he also managed the notable feat of being the first Brit home in both the Etape and the Marmotte with just a day off the bike in between. He's quite good on a mountain bike too… he makes me sick.

*when we say 'supremo' we're pretty sure he is Cannondale's marketing department in one overly fit package.

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