Bye bye Bikehut…on the High Street

Halfords ends experiment with standalone bike stores

by Tony Farrelly   April 17, 2009  

Halfords BikeHut logo.jpg

Halford's chain of eight standalone Bikehut and Cycle Republic stores are soon to be no-more. One, in York, is to close while the other seven will become high street branches of Halfords.

The news was announced along with the company's annual results this week, and according to the Halfords' finance director, Nick Wharton, it was not an admission of failure, pointing out to the Financial Times that they had only closed one store.

The independent Bikehut and Cycle Republic stores were an experiment started by the previous regime in charge of Halfords back in 2007 as a way of boosting the company's sales of high end bikes. The current management however think that a revamped website and a bigger bike presence in more stores would be a more effective way of achieving that goal.