Wilier launch superlight road bike

Sub 800g frame comes with new vibration-damping technology

by Mat Brett   May 10, 2011  

Wilier Zero 7 2.jpg

Wilier are introducing a new high-end road bike called the Zero.7 that will be built around their lightest ever frame. It will not be used by Wilier’s pro team, Lampre-ISD, so doesn’t need to conform to the UCI’s minimum weight limit of 6.8kg. The medium frame, fully painted up, will weigh less than 800g, according to the Italian brand.

The Zero.7 frame features FSA’s new press-fit BB386EVO bottom bracket system and the bikes will be equipped with a dedicated FSA chainset.

The carbon fibre frame uses the same ZnO technology and 60 ton Mitsubishi materials as Wilier’s Cento1 Superleggera along with brand new SEI Film technology.

SEI Film technology? It stands for Special Elastic Infiltration (we love a TLA – three letter abbreviation) and it means, so we’re told, that there is a film of elastic material between the carbon layers. Wilier aren’t saying what that material is; they’re playing their cards close to their chest on this one.

What does the SEI Film technology do? Wilier list these benefits:

• More vibration damping; more comfort with less weight.

• Increased impact strength – by about 35%.

• Increased safety with less weight.

• Increased interlaminar shear strength (the maximum stress between the layers of carbon) by 18%; this reduces the possibility of the layers delaminating.

• Increased three-point flexing strength; the material can flex 12% more without cracking.

Wilier say the end result is a superlight frame with exceptional stiffness and outstanding vibration damping properties.

They are currently producing a limited run of framesets with a further production batch starting later in the summer. These frames will be available as complete bikes only, built up as pictured with a Campag Super Record groupset, a new FSA 386 chainset and Campagnolo Bora wheels. Only one colour option will be offered, and that’s the one shown above.

It’ll cost you, though. The bike will retail for around £8,250, although that price has yet to be confirmed.

For more information go to www.wilier.it (although details are scarce right now), contact info@atb-sales.co.uk, or call 01424 753566.

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That is such a pretty bike, most be a wonderful ride too. Makes me dream of owning something that good oneday.

posted by Atredes1983 [5 posts]
10th May 2011 - 12:29


800g's! for a frame, i had to read it twice and i've just gone and put half a bag of flour on the scales to see what 800g feels like..jeeez that is light.

no chance of a schwag grab then eh!

Fringe's picture

posted by Fringe [1089 posts]
10th May 2011 - 12:37


I ride a Wilier Mortirolo - I think it ate all the pies judging by this new beast ... after Ed Clancy tore past me going downhill last week, I need a far HEAVIER bike than this new one to utilise gravity. Fringe, are you any good at alchemy ? Turn a bag of flour into a bike frame ??? Wink

Cycling - not just a pastime or sport - free your soul on the open road.

timbola's picture

posted by timbola [214 posts]
10th May 2011 - 15:50


timbola, flour, nah..can make you a paper mache one if you like though, just keep it for dry days eh Big Grin

Fringe's picture

posted by Fringe [1089 posts]
10th May 2011 - 16:08


If it is anything like the much heavier plastic Wilier frame I have ridden, it'll be as noodly as the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

posted by handlebarcam [537 posts]
10th May 2011 - 17:16


Eight grand!! For a bike?? Is it April 1st again?
Still, there's always some mug out there willing to buy - fortunately.


posted by Michael5 [121 posts]
10th May 2011 - 18:08


Dear Santa...

posted by Old Cranky [276 posts]
10th May 2011 - 19:20


Can i suggest you mix the flour with water and bake it in the oven for 30 min at 200 c Sick

posted by Kristian Stentoft [1 posts]
11th May 2011 - 10:32


no trademark on "zero 7" then....?

jezzzer's picture

posted by jezzzer [339 posts]
12th May 2011 - 8:25


TLA- Three letter ACRONYM Plain Face


The _Kaner's picture

posted by The _Kaner [544 posts]
12th May 2011 - 11:40


8 grand ain't much of some moulton. that cost £8000 theres a moulton for £14000. you still look like a normal guy on a a folder not a millionare


posted by cool guy 999 [54 posts]
12th May 2011 - 16:53


Abbreviation or acronym. Except in this case, SEI is not an acronym, it's an abbreviation.

posted by Mat Brett [1981 posts]
13th May 2011 - 14:59