It's Lidl time! Budget supermarket rolls out seasonal cycling special offers

Bargain hunters head for German budget supermarket that isn't Aldi

by Mat Brett   March 15, 2011  

Lidl screen grab


Everyone’s favourite budget supermarket chain*, Lidl, is having one of its seasonal cycling special offer week… so if you like a bargain it might be worth a look.

As usual with Lidl’s special offers, when it’s gone it’s gone, so you’ll need to get in there bright and early if you want to have your pick of the kit.

What’s on offer? Funny you should ask… There’s quite a big range this time around.

There’s a cycle top – a short sleeve jersey, to you and me – for the princely sum of £6.99. Yes, that’s £6.99. Lidl say that it’s made from a breathable, moisture-wicking fabric with an antibacterial, odour-inhibiting Silverplus finish. It comes in various colours and in both men’s and women’s versions.

There are shorts and three-quarters at £6.99, gilets at £6.99, and performance cycling underwear at, um, £6.99. It’s not all £6.99, though…

The 20L rucksack is £7.99, the cycling rain trousers are £7.99, and kids’ helmets are £7.99.

Basically, it’s all ridiculously cheap. There’s an aluminium floor pump, for example, priced at £4.99. We can’t vouch for the quality of any of these products – we’ve not seen them – but the pump comes with a pressure gauge, a dual head, and a two-year warranty.

Guess how much the 31-piece bike tool kit costs. It’s a little saddle pack containing a multi-tool, tyre levers, puncture repair kit and a couple of bulbs.

Wrong! It’s £4.99.

We bought a jersey last time Lidl did a cycling special offer and it actually looked okay. It wasn’t Rapha, Assos or Gore quality, admittedly – it was mostly acrylic but there was merino wool in the mix, and it cost about 15 quid. Mind you, we gave it away in a Schwag Grab so we’re not sure how it stood up to the test of time.

Anyway, check it all out at

* With the possible exception of Aldi.

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Been there, bought some socks and a hoist (though I'm sad to say I though it said 'moist')

Might go back and buy the rain jacket as, although it's not really what I want for the bike, I had one a couple of years ago for just casual wear and it was much better than any other budget showerproof I'd bought. V sad when it died...

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posted by andylul [418 posts]
15th March 2011 - 17:10


The shoes are incredible value- I got some last time round and use them for mountain biking- no one can tell you're a cheapskate when they're covered in mud. They are very durable, the sole is extremely rigid, and the spd cleat sits nicely recessed so you can walk in them.

posted by wild man [293 posts]
15th March 2011 - 17:15


Great. Thanks for the heads up, I need some new shorts.

posted by Super Domestique [1687 posts]
15th March 2011 - 17:30


Quite a few of the members in my road "club" wear Aldi shirts and as stated, not up there with the top brands but they are servicable. Watch out for size though. I bought a long sleeve jersey last autumn for cooler rides and being somewhat lardy I went for XL. Girth wise it was slightly too big for me but not terrible. However the length was amazing. It looked like a dress on me and I'm 5'11". Had to take it back as with anything in my back pockets sent it heading for the knees. On the whole though for the sort of moderate effort road rides that me and the fellas do they are certainly good enough for spring/autumn/winter riding. I'm not sure I'd wear them in hot weather when I really do need something quality that will wick well.

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posted by bikeandy61 [484 posts]
15th March 2011 - 17:50

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The panniers are Ortlieb lookalikes at £11.99 with sealed seams etc. Maybe they won't last round the world>

posted by billiobob [54 posts]
15th March 2011 - 20:30


I just bought one of their gilets .... haven't tested it yet, but it looks solidly enough constructed. Also bought a pair of their technical underwear shorts. Tried on a large and it fitted me well. For £8, the construction, comfort and value is actually a lot better than some Endura items I bought at £14 each (which were also good too).


posted by Mooman16 [33 posts]
15th March 2011 - 20:36


Mooman16 wrote:
Also bought a pair of their technical underwear shorts. Tried on a large and it fitted me well.

Do Lidl have changing rooms, or did you strip down in the aisles?

posted by handlebarcam [545 posts]
15th March 2011 - 21:04


The underwear (the vest/gilet) is the best thing to buy. Not great for summer as it's too warm, but for Winter, Spring & Autumn I find it really effective. Quality is on par with some Castelli undershirts I have.

posted by Shiny Flu [84 posts]
15th March 2011 - 21:07


Bought the locks for some charity rides I'm doing this year. Resilient enough for those cafe stops to lock a few bikes together.

posted by bendertherobot [555 posts]
15th March 2011 - 21:52


Go know you want to Wink

posted by batch [60 posts]
15th March 2011 - 23:10


posted by a.jumper [830 posts]
16th March 2011 - 0:32


A set of lidl panniers saw me through a lejog with ease. Also, the floor pump is quite the bargain. I've had one for over a year with no probs. Lidl actually does cycle promos fairly regular, they're worth keeping an eye on. Oh and the socks are ok too.

"I can't believe I ate the whole thing..."

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posted by Cooks [523 posts]
16th March 2011 - 0:52


Snagged a floor pump, at £4.99 seemed like a no brainer. Impressed with its low profile when folded up. Surprise

Shut up legs

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posted by slow-cyclo [74 posts]
16th March 2011 - 1:58


The cycling shoes aren't bad value. Mine have lasted well. The kids cycling helmets aren't so good though.


posted by OldRidgeback [2553 posts]
16th March 2011 - 9:34


The floor pump looks like the Aldi one I bought. It was crap and wouldn't work so I got a refund. I subsequently read that a few people on Bikeradar had similar issues. A warranty isn't worth anything if it doesn't work in the first place, you're better off buying a real one.

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posted by Simon E [2375 posts]
16th March 2011 - 13:43


I got some MTB shoes from Lidl which saw me through my LeJog and are still going strong over 1,000 miles later. I've more toolkits than I know what to do with but might look at the rainwear.

posted by RuthF28 [99 posts]
16th March 2011 - 14:45


Quite impressed with the 'technical' undershorts. Size L is a snug fit and they performed well on my commute this morning.

Really, though?

posted by workhard [393 posts]
17th March 2011 - 11:14


...and for those who don't want padded undershorts they're doing compression underwear for runners next week.

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posted by andylul [418 posts]
17th March 2011 - 12:34


I have purchased cycle gear both from Lidl and Aldi, The cyclign trousers from Aldi are wearing well a year after purchase, Cycle socks also very good quality. Lidl stuff isalso good, if any problem take it back usually no quibble. We are lucky here inLowestoft, both shops within a mileof each other. Thesepromo weeks are usually close together.


posted by barogerl [26 posts]
18th March 2011 - 20:47