LOOK offering 20% trade-in discount on clipless pedals

A chance to get something back for your worn out gear

by Mark Appleton   March 9, 2011  

Look's Kéo Fit technology..jpg

If you are considering upgrading your pedals before the season gets into full swing you might be interested in this generous-sounding offer from LOOK.

From March 10 until April 15 any rider with an old set of clipless pedals - whatever the brand - can trade them in for a shiny new pair of LOOK Kéo pedals in exchange for a healthy discount.

LOOK is offering the 20% discount trade-in if you buy a pair of Kéo Blade Cromo or Kéo 2 Max Graphite. That equates to a saving of £36 on a pair of Kéo Blade CrMo, or £20 on a pair of Kéo 2 Max Graphite.

With the introduction of Kéo Fit, riders new to the LOOK system can be matched with one of three colour-coded sets of cleats with differing degrees of float to suit both their biomechanics and their riding style.

The red cleats provide 9º of float, the grey 4.5º, while the black are fixed for maximum power transfer. The Kéo Fit device determines the cyclists' natural pedalling style and foot position for the most efficient pedalling

Visit www.lookcycle.com to find your nearest Kéo Fit Centre.

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How do you remove these pedals? Is it an allen key? If so can anyone tell me the size?

2 wheels please!

posted by mancsi [119 posts]
10th March 2011 - 11:48


yeah its a Allen key mate, i had trouble working it out myself on Tuesday when i was putting them on the new bike. I can't remember the size, so lets just say " a big one"
THEY COME STRAIGHT OFF. i tried for ages getting anything else to work then remembered how i put them on the bike in the first place. how stupid i felt at that point.

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posted by David cycling t... [66 posts]
10th March 2011 - 11:53


Its an 8mm allen key

posted by AdamDAyson [1 posts]
10th March 2011 - 13:22


Thanks, I was struggling all night to get them off! Cheers again!

2 wheels please!

posted by mancsi [119 posts]
10th March 2011 - 13:26