Buy your loved one part of a jersey this Yuletide

If you're stuck for something to buy your cycling friend/sibling/spouse/etc this Christmas then you've got another option as of today, with Shutt VR launching a range of gift vouchers on their site that you can put towards their UK-made range of clothing.

Shutt's range of Sportwool and synthetic clothing is all hand-stitched in factories within a 50-mile radius of their base in Ilkley. We've got some going through testing at the moment, and recently gave their Signature Training Top a 9/10, with tester Leonie Jennings praising the Sportwool top as "extremely comfortable and versatile year-round riding wear". We'd certainly like to see one in our stocking, but if your pockets won't stretch to the £89 total cost you can at least meet your loved ones or buddies half (or part of) the way...

"We've had so many requests for vouchers on the site that it makes sense to offer one", said Shutt's Peter Bragg. The upshot is that from today you can buy vouchers for £25, £50 and £100. Each voucher is hand signed and sent in a presentation envelope with full details on how to redeem, and they're valid for six months from the date of purchase against anything on the Shutt VR site.

They're sent out free of charge so the only cost is the voucher value, and you can buy them now from www.shuttvr.com. Happy shopping...

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Jon Burrage [997 posts] 7 years ago

nice plan. Wonder if the day will come when retailers will stock them and be reimbursed by Shutt or would this be a bit of a hassle?

Miggers [67 posts] 7 years ago

Thanks Jon - Retailers do stock our clothing, all offer bespoke garments though which are not available from us directly as you know  1

The voucher arrangement works for other brands with a hybrid sales model so no reason why we wouldn't extend it next year if asked for.

Are you sure you wont change your mind in La Marmotte!?