Sneak peek: Lake CX331 shoes
A second custom-fit model will hit the range in 2011

Psst! Over here! Take a look at this. It’s a Lake CX331 road shoe. You haven’t seen one before because it’s a year off making it the shops.

The CX331 will be Lake’s second custom fit model, following in the footsteps (thank you very much) of the top-of-the-range CX401. Like many other models in the Lake range, it features a Boa dial closure system – very light, very secure, very simple to operate – although, unlike the existing CX330, the clicky wheel is on the top of the foot rather than on the heel cup. Oh, and that upper looks very much like the soft kangaroo leather that Lake already use on high-end models. Looks cool, huh?

To mold the 401, by the way, the shoe is heated in an oven to 80°C and then manually shaped around your foot. The process can be repeated as many times as necessary. We're not 100% sure if the 331 will work in the same way, but the fact that the carbon extends round to the upper in a similar way to that of the 401 – although mostly covered rather than external – suggests it's going to be similar.

Okay, we’re out of here. We’ve said too much already. You ain’t seen us, right?

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