If you spot one of these it may well be nicked

Somebody went home with more than just good memories of a fine day out at the TCR show on Saturday – they also took an Orbea Ordu TRI1 bike worth £6800.

The bike is a 51cm machine identical to the one pictured here except that it had a Zeus carbon chainset. There are only a handful of complete bikes like this in the country plus a few more frames. So if anyone should offer you a 51cm Ordu frame, Or a set of Zipp Vuka handlebars, or 808 wheels Orbea UK would very much like to hear from you. You can email them by clicking on the link or call 01449 711632. Or you can call Esher Police, 08451 252222 quoting Crime Number EL 09993.

The Ordu was one of a number of test bikes that Orbea had at the show. It is pretty rare to get the chance of riding something quite that high end in the try out area of a show and this theft may well mean that it will get rarer still and that other manufacturers will think twice about letting the public test their bikes in future – which would be a shame for everyone.

Oh, and in case you're tempted, jokes about the police being on the lookout for a small, fast-moving, lycra-clad figure in an aero tuck will not be appreciated at Orbea HQ.


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Jon Burrage [997 posts] 8 years ago

I thought the Orbea stand was missing that special somthing. Real shame, as I ride an Orbea its always nice to have a gander at their real top end stuff.

Should be easy to pick out though....tougher come season time when the wheels are swapped and bars are different etc.