TfL deadline for public consultation on east London scheme is 2 August

There are just days left to give your views about Transport for London's plans to build a cable car across the Thames linking Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks.

TfL's public consultation period on the project ends on Monday 2 August.

The cable car is a possible solution to the problems pedestrians and cyclists have crossing the river east of Tower Bridge.

Linking the Royal Docks and Greenwich Peninsular makes sense, says TfL, because of the growing amount of leisure and entertainment venues in the area - and to improve access to some of the Olympic events in 2012.

The London Cycling Campaign says the cable car would be the first London crossing to allow bikes on it since the Queen Elizabeth II bridge opened in 1991. But cyclists are allowed to push bikes over the Hungerford and Millennium bridges provided they don't ride them, so that claim doesn't really stand up.

Since the QEII bridge opened, eight river crossings have been built - six for rail passengers only, and two for pedestrians. They are:

  • Jubilee line (four crossings), for tube passengers
  • DLR (two crossings), for rail passengers
  • Hungerford Bridge, for pedestrians
  • Millenium Bridge, for pedestrians

There is already a foot tunnel in Greenwich but it's closed for refurbishment until March 2011 - as previously reported on road.cc.

The cable car is by no means a certainty yet though. Once the public consultation closes on 2 August, there will be discussions about design, operating hours and pricing. Then the finance will have to be in place, which isn't yet certain - the project will need to be paid for privately and discussions are ongoing.

Assuming all that's covered, a planning application will then be submitted - giving the public another chance to give their feedback. If permission is given, construction would begin in 2011 so the cable car's ready to go in time for the Olympics.

Visit the Transport for London site to find out more - and to give your feedback about the scheme.

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STATO [545 posts] 7 years ago

"According to the London Cycling Campaign, the cable car would be the first London crossing to allow bikes on it since the Queen Elizabeth II bridge opened in 1991."

So they are saying you can ride your bike around in the cable car then? or maybe over the cables? because if you have to wheel it on then its not really a bike crossing is it? well at least not if you are discounting the Hungerford and Millenium Bridges because you have to wheel your bike on those.

I get the point, just badly done thats all.

Martin Thomas [384 posts] 7 years ago

An *excellent* point STATO. I'm going to edit this right now. Thanks.

OldRidgeback [2852 posts] 7 years ago

Dunno, if you're really trick you can take the tyres and tubes off your bike and ride it along the cable.

STATO [545 posts] 7 years ago

Thanks Martin. I only really use the internet as an outlet for my pedantry as my friends tend to stop talking to me when im constantly trying to correct them so its nice to something useful come out of it  3