Ride 2 Love was set up to help busy single cyclists find love

A new dating site for cyclists has been launched, to fill a perceived gap in the market for busy cycling singles looking for partners who share their love of two wheels.

Kelli Salone, who also runs Dame Cycling, which offers women-specific club rides and kit, set up Ride 2 Love after noticing many of the people she knew through cycling found it hard to find partners who also cycle.

As with many dating sites Ride 2 Love matches on personality, but it also matches people based on the riding a person does, whether they race or ride just for fun, and what cycling they would like to try.

Men wanted for Cycle Speed Dating in London

Salone said: ““Lots of ladies were single and saying they would like to be with a man that enjoys riding too.

“I had male friends that were MTBers that were always asking if I had any single friends that rode.
So I thought ‘Hang on there must be something I can do!’ 15 years ago I was on a program called ‘Would like to meet’, they did a documentary on me being a single pro cyclist. They did a story on the fact I was a high profile cyclist but could not find love and had been single for years.

“It seems to me that the problem is still out there. If you work and ride there really isn’t much time for trying to date lots of people to find the right person. So I have set up Ride 2 Love to help like-minded people meet”

Salone started Dame Cycling in 2013, which runs women-only road and mountain bike clubs, as well as selling clothing.

Ride 2 Love is not the first cycle-specific dating we've seen: Look Mum, no Hands holds cycle speed dating events from time to time, while online dating site, Fitness Singles, also allows you to search by the sports and leisure activities you enjoy. 


cdamian [144 posts] 1 year ago
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They should use Strava to better match people.

They could use the age, locations, typical rides and speeds.

It doesn't even have to be just for dating, just finding people to ride with more easily.

Veloism [71 posts] 1 year ago
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Teribble website running on some generic dating software. There's only 3 people on it from the UK.

You're better off using a proper dating website and using keyword searching...



J90 [401 posts] 1 year ago
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First date....in lycra....I can see everything.

onlinejones [8 posts] 1 year ago
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Love is an anagram of velo. Coincidence?

rjfrussell [383 posts] 1 year ago

don't most men like riding?