London borough will begin installing Cyclehoops this Friday

Camden borough council is to install the Cyclehoop, a device which converts a lamp-post into a secure bike stand, following successful trials.

The steel hoops, designed by Anthony Lau, will start appearing around the borough (tomorrow) after trials proved them popular with the public.

As reported previously on road.cc, Cyclehoops have already been installed in the London boroughs of Islington and Southwark and are being trialled in Edinburgh and Shrewsbury too. Normal bicycle stands require concreting or drilling into the pavement, but the Cyclehoop can be installed within minutes so it is attractive to councils as a cost effective way of reducing bike theft.

Using the device, roadsigns, lampposts, bollards, bus stops and even traffic lights could all become safe places to lock up your bike..

Lau came up with the idea after his own bike was stolen by being lifted off a traffic sign.

He told the Guardian "I had many ideas, but in the end it all boiled down to two simple hoops. They seemed to work best because they are quick and easy to install, while very secure."


jova54 [675 posts] 7 years ago

Oh, it's a device for securing a bike to a lamp post. Nice idea and like all good ideas, really simple.

When it said 'anti-bike theft device' I thought it was something that aided cyclist-hating scrotes to steal their bikes!  3

cat1commuter [1422 posts] 7 years ago

They're good. We have some in Cambridge.