Ice Bike 2010: Genesis prototype + pics of Cervelo, Ridgeback, Pear Izumi & lots more

New hub crosser/commuter prototype and lots more

by Dave Atkinson   February 25, 2010  

To IceBike in the frozen wastes of Milton Keynes, more rainy than frozen actually
and what did we see? Among the many lovely items on display we glimpsed the future of cycling that's what and it's got drop bars, cross tyres… and a hub gear. It hasn't got a name yet but the Genesis [insert name here] will be coming to a bike shop near you in 2011.

IceBike is where the UK's biggest bike and bits distributor, Madison, show off what's new and what's coming to the bike trade, it's their in-house show held in their car park - this year in a two-storey tent and they've got enough brands to make it more interesting than some shows you'd have to pay to enter.


Okay, calling the Genesis no name the future of cycling is maybe over-egging it a bit, but this is a bike to get excited about if not the future of cycling it's certainly a future of cycling – the birth of a new category of bike. Since Versa brought our their VRS-8 integrated drop bar lever for hub gears we've seen a couple of examples of commuter road bikes built up matching them up with Shimano's 8-spd hub. These seem to us a great commuter option offering the advantages of a reasonably low weight road bike with low maintenance too.


This new Genesis will take things a stage further using the Day One Cross frame increases the range of the bike to take in light off roading, yes, and even 'cross - the gearing on the 39 - 20 gearing on the prototype bike should get you up anything - as a 'cross bike. Genesis designer James Olsen said he was able to ride this one where he would be carrying his drop bar Day One (we were carrying our standard 42-18 geared test machine rather a lot). Swap the cross tyres off for road ones and you should have the makings of a lovely little commuter bike, winter hack or just do anything bike.

The prototype shown here has V brakes but the production version will come with Tektro cable operated ball bearing discs, similar to those on the Croix de Fer cyclo cross bike. James reckoned the bike would work just as well with either brake set up but thought that for the small extra cost involved disc brakes would be more attractive. Certainly from both a cross and commuting friend they take things to another level in terms of low maintenance. And yes of course disc pads wear out, but pretty slowly on the road we'd guess and you've still got the added benefit of no rim wear.

What makes this even more interesting is the thought of such a bike with the new Shimano 11-spd Alfine hub on it, then you have the prospect of a low maintenance road bike with a real performance edge. Nice. We reckon that would appeal to a lot of people - are you listening Shimano?.

As yet Shimano don't make an STI lever that works with either the 8 or the new 11spd Alfine. Shimano were at the show, and we're told they paid that Versa lever a great deal of attention, they also heard from numerous people including bike shops owners that they would like to see an 11 spd Alfine STI lever. If anyone from Shimano is reading this here's our two penn'orth: DO IT!

Those Versa levers have proved pretty durable James has put them through a winter of hard riding in to work and off road plus the resulting jet washing with no ill effects and in the absence of any Shimano drop levers that will do the job the production model will come with Versa levers too. As mentioned the frame itself will be the Day One 520 frame with a beefed up chainstay for the disc brake.

Expect to pay between £900 and £950 and the Genesis [insert name here] should be hitting the shops some time this autumn - it'll have a name by then… although we quite like Genesis No Name.

Aside from that prototype it was pretty much as you were on the Genesis stand. There was news of 2011 plans: the gearing may be tweaked on the Day One drop bar, and the flat bar bike may come with semi slicks or even slicks; expect also to see a higher spec'd version of the Equilibrium sportive/long haul steel bike, and a Shimano 105 version of the Aether 'cross bike targeted at the £100 Cycle to Work price limit, well technically just below it.

Plus later we heard rumours of another prototype singlespeed hidden away somewhere on the premises – this time one specifically designed for the road, but rumours only. Mr Olsen was keeping schtum about that one. Although if the 2011 production date we were told about is true we'd expect to see something soon… keep your eyes peeled in the Cotwolds.

Coming up Ridgeback Flight Ti



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...and we also came back with our best schwag grab yet. stay tuned!

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
26th February 2010 - 10:36


As soon as I saw a friend's Day One Cross I thought "this bike would be a fab base for a hub geared all-rounder / commuter". Come on Shimano, make it happen!

Simon E's picture

posted by Simon E [2413 posts]
26th February 2010 - 22:02


You must be able to turn a Day One into that for less than £950, surely?
I really like the thought now.
So what's to stop you doing that to a Genesis Flyer?

posted by powenb [24 posts]
27th February 2010 - 0:30


Add a Gates drive and Fixie Inc. seat-stay coupling to the INH and you'd have a world-beater. Do it...someone else will if Madison don't.

neilwheel's picture

posted by neilwheel [132 posts]
27th February 2010 - 15:52

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Fair point powenb - buy a Day One, Alfine hub, and the Versa levers at list and it would come to £850… and I don't think Madison will be buying list.

As to the Flyer the only thing stopping you might be the spacing at the rear triangle. If it was a claccis 120mm that might be tricky cos the Alfine needs 135mm spacing… but it isn't at least I don't think it is, the Flyer comes with a Formula Flip Flop hub which is 130mm, it'd still be a tight fit but you can widen the back end of a steel bike.

Tony Farrelly's picture

posted by Tony Farrelly [4201 posts]
27th February 2010 - 20:25


Sorry Tony ) The Flyer's 120mm so it won't take the Alfine hub, but we're looking at that type of alfine / drop combo too.

Belts are still looking pricey for the benefits, would make this at least a £1400 bike, perhaps more. Vote here if you'd go for it, we'll do it!

The £950 SRP i mentioned to Tony and Dave at the show was including ball-bearing cable discs, the main issue on the price is the Virsa shifters' OE price - Sideways retail them direct without the layer of margin that is from us to the dealer so they seem cheaper than they really are. At OE / to us, they're the same upcharge over the std shimnano brake levers as the Alfine hub is over the current day one ss hub. ie quite pricey.. hence the need to try before we buy!
So, Virsa mark up plus cable discs does come to around £950 SRP - that's all at projected 2011 rates which aren't looking so great right now - plus shipping is expected to double by the summer and that alone adds $5-8 per bike.

All in all, we do try to consistently offer fair value bikes and the 2011 Day One Alf will be no different, our margin is within a % or two across the 3 Day One versions we'll offer.

James / Genesis

posted by james-o [229 posts]
2nd March 2010 - 19:04


"Plus later we heard rumours of another prototype singlespeed hidden away somewhere on the premises"

I'm not honestly sure about that one, it would probably have been my TiO winter bike on the Titec stand - a Ti mountain bike SS with 1.8" mud tyres and Titec Jones bars, Chilterns-proof singletrack fun ) There weren't any more SS protos around, but the rumours of an interesting SS road bike for 2011 have a base.. less new model, more new styling though.

posted by james-o [229 posts]
2nd March 2010 - 19:30


Thanks Tony/James for clarifying.
This will definately have to be a try-before-you-buy, as I can imagine the Alfine would have HUGE jumps between gears. Not so much of an issue if its used off-road or for commuting. But much more so, if used as a winter road/training bike.
Can't wait to find something to try out though.

posted by powenb [24 posts]
4th March 2010 - 12:31


the jumps are smaller than the eight speed hub but a fair bit bigger than the small end of a cassette. if you're big on constant cadence then no, it might not be the one for you...

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
4th March 2010 - 14:23


I have already built this bike from a Genesis DAY One Cross, I couldn't afford the STI shifter so filed out a flat bar thumb shifter to go on the drop bars.
The bike is brilliant, excellent for commuting/touring or training I'm not that bothered about maintaining cadence as I live in the lakes it's a bit pointless( you could always wait for the 11speed).
The gearing is 42-16 which give a nice range with the alfine.
I can put it back to single speed cross mode in about 15 mins so it makes an excellent do all bike!
I've riden with similar paced/fit people on standard road bikes & didn't feel like I was struggling. The changes are silent and slick and most of all it turns heads and get people asking questions.
I might even convert it to belt drive with the help of Shand cycles.
I'll pop some photos up if anyone is interested.


posted by samol [3 posts]
5th May 2010 - 18:42


yeah, stick some pix on! sounds great...

Dave Atkinson's picture

posted by Dave Atkinson [7854 posts]
5th May 2010 - 19:25


It's here and here!

Thanks Ant

posted by samol [3 posts]
6th May 2010 - 13:22


You might need to right click and open image in new window!


posted by samol [3 posts]
6th May 2010 - 13:23