Naked cyclist causes traffic queues in Derbyshire

Police unable to find rider spotted in the altogether on A6 on Saturday morning

by Simon_MacMichael   July 16, 2014  

World Naked Bike Rides / Roger Bamber

Police in Derbyshire searched in vain on Saturday for a naked cyclist who was spotted on the A6 with a queue of traffic building up behind him.

One of the people in the queue of vehicles behind the cyclist posted to the forum of the Singletrack mountain biking website: “Driving down the A6 between Bakewell and Rowsley this morning I was stuck in a queue of traffic all following a cyclist.

“As I got closer I thought that's an odd flesh coloured Lycra outfit, only it wasn't, the road cyclist was naked, naked as the day he was born.

“Is this a new trend for road cyclists?”

According to the Derbyshire Telegraph, police were alerted to the presence of the cyclist shortly before 8am on Saturday morning, and some motorists took pictures of the man, described as white with brown hair, as they passed him.

The newspaper adds: “Upon further investigation, officers discovered that it was World Naked Bike Ride Day, however no other naked cyclists were reported in the area.”

According to the UK website of the World Naked Bike Ride, no events were planned here last Saturday.

Derby Telegraph columnist Anton Rippon tweeted:



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Marginal gains...

posted by paulrbarnard [182 posts]
16th July 2014 - 12:22


Only if they've shaved everywhere

SamSkjord's picture

posted by SamSkjord [39 posts]
16th July 2014 - 12:45


Hope we wasn't using an Arione saddle, man, those things destroy testicles surrounded in padding, god knows the devastation direct on the flesh......probably similar to an acide bath

'It's the closest you can get to flying'
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posted by Simmo72 [523 posts]
16th July 2014 - 12:58


Less weight and more aero, what's not to like?

Ride what makes you happy

posted by RobD [248 posts]
16th July 2014 - 13:02


Look, I freely admit that I look a bit of a c0ck in Lycra. But this is going too far.

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posted by Gizmo_ [1221 posts]
16th July 2014 - 13:20


I hope his bum was clean because you'll never get the stink off the saddle otherwise.

posted by Beaufort [232 posts]
16th July 2014 - 13:41


Angela Rippon's let herself go.

posted by Notsofast [78 posts]
16th July 2014 - 17:22


There is nothing illegal about being nude in public - ask 'Tick-Tock' who rides to and from Cambridge everyday. Rolling On The Floor

As a point of order
Nude - Without covering
Naked - Without protection/guard

posted by levermonkey [600 posts]
16th July 2014 - 17:48


I'm sure there a joke about helmets in here somewhere. Oooh er missus.

posted by FMOAB [259 posts]
16th July 2014 - 18:31


Beaufort wrote:
I hope his bum was clean because you'll never get the stink off the saddle otherwise.

Hopefully he wasn't going fast enough to leave skid marks when braking! Surprise

posted by Beatnik69 [236 posts]
16th July 2014 - 20:11


Surely the filth have better things to do than hunt for an allegedly naked cyclist? Perhaps hey should look for the Naked Chef first?


posted by Airzound [929 posts]
16th July 2014 - 23:29


the man, described as white with brown hair

This really narrows it down. Wait... was it me?

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posted by bikeboy76 [1751 posts]
17th July 2014 - 0:01


No tan lines then? Not a "real" cyclist. Wink

posted by Hensteeth [71 posts]
17th July 2014 - 8:06


Why are the police looking for him? Have they not checked the law? He has not broken any law, so I ask again, why look for him?

There is no good reason why a naked cyclist should hold up the traffic any more than any cyclist, so if the police should be looking for anyone it has to be the motorists who failed to make progress (a reason for failing your driving test).

The correct police response, if called by a member of the public over an issue like this should be "Has he harmed anyone? No. No problem then, just ignore him and carry on..." And before anyone says that the sight of a naked person could harm a child, that is rubbish; no-one has ever been able to show this to be the case, quite the opposite in fact.

If God had meant us to be naked, we'd have been born without clothes.

posted by BritishNaturism [4 posts]
17th July 2014 - 23:44


Isn't the law that being nude in public is not a crime, unless you are causing offence. But someone has to complain to the police that you are causing offence, and the police has to prove that you intended to cause offence.

To many people out there, simply riding a bike is intention to cause offence, regardless of whether you're wearing clothes... Wink

posted by brooksby [459 posts]
18th July 2014 - 10:12


I'd hate to be right behind when he rose out the saddle on a climb. Worried

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posted by drmatthewhardy [562 posts]
19th July 2014 - 20:54