Big hearted German seeks out a lucky young chap to get his goodies…at speed

When the Tour de France is rolling through a feed zone you'll often see the riders tossing their musettes into the crowd when they've taken what they need.

It's a bit of a grab-fest. You won't often see one of them pick out a young fan and make sure they get the goodies though. But that's exactly what Marcus Burghardt did on stage 2 of this year's Tour. Here we see him rolling off the front, picking out a supporter and handing off the bag. Considering the height of the youngster and the fact that Burghardt is well over six feet tall, it's a decent bit of technical riding too.

Other riders also have form for picking out fans for goodies, and one is the inimitable Jens Voigt. On Alpe d'Huez in 2011 he chucked a water bottle to a kid he'd picked out, only for said youngster to get tackled by a middle aged man. Not to be denied, Voigt stopped, rode back down the hill, told the chap to hand the bottle over and carried on. Like an absolute boss.

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