100 year old veteran cyclist celebrates his birthday with... a bike ride

Wilf Westbrook makes the most of his health on his 100th birthday with a quick spin on his trike

by Sarah Barth   June 14, 2014  

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A lifelong cyclist decided that the best way to celebrate his 100th birthday yesterday was with a bike ride - like every single other day.

Wilf Westbrook rode to the shops on his tricycle to buy a newspaper on his special day - a ritual he has started the day with since as a small child he rode out to collect kindling for the fire over which the family would cook porridge.

“I’ve always been active and I have been very lucky with my health,” he told the Northern Echo.

“These days I have a bit of a dodgy knee but otherwise I am fine. You just have to keep on going.”

He went on to earn money delivering Sunday newspapers on his bike as a teenager in the villages around Stokesley.

In 1946 he joined the Uxbridge Bicycle Polo Club, and in 1958 he moved back to North Yorkshire, helping in his father’s garage business.

Until recently his dog rode in a cart on the back of Wilf’s tricycle.

His niece, Pat Askins said: “My uncle is inspirational and a much loved character in Stokesley. I think some people have no idea that he is heading for his 100th birthday because he is so active.”

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Hats off to Wilf!

posted by severs1966 [260 posts]
14th June 2014 - 11:13


Saw this story in the Echo, and tweeted it then.

Capeau to Wilf. May he have many more happy years in the saddle, and I long to emulate him.

He's an inspiration to us all

posted by gazza_d [423 posts]
14th June 2014 - 11:31


fantastic stuff
“These days I have a bit of a dodgy knee but otherwise I am fine. You just have to keep on going.”

think being only half his age (roughly) I'll try to remember that for the next half century

antigee's picture

posted by antigee [259 posts]
14th June 2014 - 14:00


Absolutely wonderful, I thought I was doing well but hats off to Wilf.


antonio's picture

posted by antonio [1108 posts]
14th June 2014 - 16:31


Chapeau Sir, just....Chapeau!

andyspaceman's picture

posted by andyspaceman [246 posts]
14th June 2014 - 23:01