What goes in Majorca doesn't stay in Majorca: See what goes on behind the scenes at a team camp...

What's it like to be on a pro team and head out to Majorca for a training camp? Well, it's a bit like this for the chaps on the Madison-Genesis roster.

Pete Hawkins is our guide through the day, and it goes pretty much like you'd expect, with the team relishing the sunny weather, long climbs and decent carrot cake that Majorca has to offer. After that it's a post-ride massage and dinner, where there's multiple temptations to be resisted if you want to come back lighter than when you went. All in all it's a bonding exercise as much as it's for training, and team manager Roger Hammond seems happy on both fronts.

Just like a winter training week for the rest of us then? Well, a bit. except for the bit where everyone nips to the bar for "just one" before bed and then suddenly it's 2am and the tequila's all gone. No? Just us then. Although having spent the evening with the team at IceBike, we wouldn't necessarily put that past them either...

Madison Genesis - Majorca Training Camp from Madison on Vimeo.


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