New fixed vid from Charge - watch it here!

The further adventures of Super Ted and Juliet Elliot

by Tony Farrelly   November 19, 2008  


Fixed 2 is the latest video from Charge bikes. The film follows fixed gear riders Juliet Elliot and Super Ted around the streets of London intercut with interviews with Juliet talking about the London fixed scene and what attracted her to riding without a freewheel in the first place*.

Anyway it's a cool vid really well shot and put together by Alex Rankin that gives those of us living outside of London a taste of a scene we might not hear much about. It isn't trying to be cool either which is a mighty plus - both the stars fall off attempting tricks - mastering the bike is what it is all about as Juliet explains, and if you have to fall off a few times first - so be it.

It's well worth a look so check it out for yourself in the embed below or at and it's also available as a download on iTunes.

*it was fiddling with her gears. (We didn't say it was going to be a big surprise did we?) 

Fixed 2 from Charge Bikes on Vimeo

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... I'd be her Romeo! Nerd

Sorry, coat is on - I'll shut the door behind me...

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20th November 2008 - 19:44

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