It's getting to that point in the season when are a lot of riders making their final prep...

Are you after some tips for endurance racing? It's getting to that point in the season when are a lot of riders making their final prep, so all-comers are invited to spend an hour with the endurance supremo Mike Cotty having all your questions on training, nutrition, equipment, sportives, climbing, pacing and anything else you can think of answered.

On Monday June 2nd at 8-9pm GMT Mike will start a Facebook post on his page where anyone can ask a question and have it answered for free.

In case you’ve any questions in the meantime about Mike’s pedigree, here’s just one of his recent exploits...

On August 5 and 6 last year Mike Cotty rode 674km from Evian-les-Bains to Nice in under 34 hours, crossing 17 passes and climbing 16,000m on the way.



Mike’s elevation increase over the course of his ride was nearly the equivalent of scaling the Everest twice over. Or, keeping things closer to home, it's about the same as riding the height of Ben Nevis 12 times.

Mike rode more or less continuously with just occasional essential short stops, with vehicle support provided by one of his sponsors, Mavic. He completed the ride well inside his original estimate of 36hrs, at an average speed of around 20kph.  


Mike said: “When I put the plan together I wasn’t sure I had the ability to do it, but part of the fun is just trying. I get a lot of satisfaction from pushing myself and seing if I can rise to the challenge.”

After an unpromising start, having to be bribed by her parents to learn to ride without stabilisers, Sarah became rather keener on cycling in her university years, and was eventually persuaded to upgrade to proper road cycling by the prospect of a shiny red Italian bike, which she promptly destroyed by trapping a pair of knickers in the rear derailleur. Sarah writes about about cycling every weekend on road.cc.